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Water pollution is a growing problem that involves dumping sewage, radioactive material, ect. This blog was created to alert the good citizens about the causes, the consequences, things we can do to help it after it has become polluted and of course, what you can do to stop it. We use it to put all of our waste and trash. One good way we can help save it is to stop putting all the unwanted trash into lakes, rivers and oceans. We need water to live and to thrive. We might as well call ourselves gone if we don't do something about water.
Water pollutions source is many things. It may be the tiniest bag floating in a marina; to a big industry dumping oil or sewage into a stream or sea. Much of it is just perhaps a careless person or even a group of people forgetting to put there food wrappers into a trash can and the wrapper just blows away. One of the most recent cases of water pollution is the BP oil spill. It was caused because a pipe broke and the oil spilled all over the Gulf of Mexico. Oil spills are a serious and well known source of water pollution; but that does not mean that it is the only large type of them. Another cause of water pollution is nuclear waste. Nuclear waste is created by the nuclear power stations. Some of the worst nuclear waste is in northern England.
People think that if you leave a piece of trash out and it goes into the water its no big deal, but they're wrong. Consequences occur and people can get sick or even die. The aquatic habitat is in severe danger after nuclear waste, oil spills or industrial trash gets left in water. If a person throws a piece of trash into, for example, a reservoir it will hit them right on back if they drink an off-spring of that water. As they may be very sick. Consequences are always a punishment, with water pollution it effects all.
After the water has been messed up, you need a way to make it drinkable. Thats where water quality projects come in. For example if your dealing with raw sewage, it needs to go through a water treatment plant before its safe enough to be released back into the enviorment. The bad stuff is taken away like solids and inorganic material. They then take away the actual organic waste the last thing they do is remove all solid particles from the water. Chemicals are added to get rid of impurities.
Some of the things we can do to prevent water pollution are is just pick up after yourself. You can learn not to depend on plastics or oil prouducts as much. If we do ever make an oil rig we have to make safety precautions so the rig won't leak or spill. With nuclear waste we can try to dispose of it in a good way. Water pollution is a problem; but most problems can be solved.

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