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Are you tired of polluted water because I am.
What is water pollution?
Water pollution can cause numerous diseases,heath problems ,and fatalities have been associated with water pollution. Water pollution affects oceans,lakes,rivers,and drinking water.
There are 7 types of water pollution there is surface water pollution,oxygen depleting,nutrients,ground water,microbiological,suspended matter,and chemical.

What are some of the sourses of water polluion?
Garbege is one thing that causes water polluion. And also
There is animmal and human poop too. And there is chemical
that make water pollutid also. Plastic is another thing that
creates water pollution too. There is also toxic waste,sewage,
and waste water,marine dumping,industrial waste
oil polluion,under ground storage leakes,atmospheric deposit,globle warming,and eutrophication.

what are some of the consequences of water polluion?
one of the things is heath of fish and other sea life it can make animmals die and thats not vary good.and pollted water has lots of dissese in it.
microbial water polluion is a major problem.it has diseases such as cholera and typhoid.sulfate
particals from acid rian can cause harm to the
health of mairine life in the rivers and lakes.
particals can reduce the amount of sunlight penetrating the water,disropting groth of phtosynthic plants and microorganisms.

what can be done to improve the quality of water
after it has became polluted?
there are 4 things that the water gose threw. the
first one is called industrial treatment.
the sewage first gose threw the primary phase.that is where the soild particals and inorganic material is removed by filters. there is a second phase also.the treatment involves
the reduction of organic,it is done with the use of biological filtters that naturly degrade the
the organic waste.and finaly we are at the last
stage of treatment it is the tertiay phase this
stage has to be done before the water can be
reduced.this stage removes most of the last
particals from the water.the second of the 4 is
denitrification it is when they put nitrogen in
the water to help farmers with there crops.
when the oxygen levels are low another form of
bacteria that terns the nitrates into gass like
nitrogen,nitrous oxide, and nitrogen dioxide.
the therd one of the 4 is called septic tanks.
this is when untreated sewage form a property
flows into the septic tank. and the last of the 4 is called ozone wastewater treatmemt.they convert oxygen into ozone by using ultravidet
radiation or by a electric discharge field.and
those are the 4 treatments that water gose threw

what are some actions that can be taken to help
prevent water from becoming pollted?
conserve by ternig off the tap when running water is not necessary.be carful what you throw
doun your toilet.you should not throw paints,
oils and other things too.the the things that you
can throw is like toilet paper and some other
stuff.you should not throw litter into lakes,
rivers,and oceans because that meens that you
have pollted the water.and thats my water polluion blog.

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