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Jaylene and Emileny
Room 319
February 9, 2012
Pottery and vases were very important in ancient Greece. They helped them survive for many reasons. They also helped with trade. Pottery was also used as a piece of art and as decoration.
Pottery had many everyday uses. At home it was used as a cup, bowl, dishes, to pour water in wine and plates. For survival it was used to keep food fresh and to transport goods and water. With harsh types of land pottery made life a bit easier for the ancient Greeks. Pottery was made by shaping clay on a wheel, decorating it, then baking it in a kiln for a long period of time. They used black and red paint for decorating the pottery. A lot of designs were influenced by Egyptians for the pottery. Pottery also made a lot of money which kept people in jobs. On the vases and the pottery they would draw battle scenes, Greek gods and goddesses, and everyday tasks.
Pottery was invented in 1000 to the 4th century of BC. There were different styles. Geometric style had narrative scenes, shapes and stylized figures. Another style was a Black-Figure pottery it became a very common style during ancient Greece. Finally there is the Red-Person style
Ancient Greek had many wonders but pottery was most affected in my opinion. We still use it today but for many reasons. Hopefully pottery will continue on in everyday life.

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