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There are seven water quality jobs. Those jobs are D.O., PH, Turbidity, Ammoia, Flow Rate, Nirates, and Temperture.

D.O.(disolve oxengen):It helps fish and other living organisms in the water. If the levels too high or too low it might be polluted.

PH: PH stands for positive hidgrogen it`s good if the positive hidrogen levels are low if it`s too high then the water might be polluted.

Nritrates: nitrates are molcules that are one part nigrogon and three parts oxengen 75% of our air is nitrates it`s also good for the water quality too but at lease over 0.2 if it1s over it`s bad.

Turbidty: turbidity shows how murky the water is. if it`s too murky than the water has alot of dirt, sand, and all other stuff in the water. the murkier it is the more pollutated the water is; it`s best if it`s clear.

Ammonia: Ammonia is a clear colorless foul smelling substance that can kill all the liveing things in the water wich is bad. If it`s levels are 0.6 or 0.8 then it will cause all the fish will die.

Flow Rate: Flow Rate is to find out how fast the water is in creeks. it`s best if the flow rate is slow because if the water is ruuning fast then the baby fishies will have a difficlt time swimming up the stream and the could die.

Temperture: temperture or temp. for short. I`ts to tell how warm the water is. The fish like salmon and trout perfer cold water. if ot`s warmer then they could die. the average temperture is 27 degrees c ( 31.13 degrees f)

Now you know how we figure out if the water is polluted or not. :-)

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