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by McKayla teacher: Nancy Crosby
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Stories About My Summer Part 1
Hey people! How is everyone? I am awesome. But I'm still missing 5th grade. However my summer is going great. I actually have a few stories that happened. For example today I went bowling today and in one game i got spares every time. In the other game I got 3 sstrikes! And no I wasn't cheating and using the bumpers.

I'm sure you all remember that one blog about my cousin jumping in the shower with me, well, it kinda happened again. so I was telling this funny story about my nana, (sadly my mom said no nana stories on the blog, so I can't tell you what it is) the story involved white leggings and a knitted christmas sweatshirt. Malia said I couldn't fit in the leggings or sweatshirt, so being the stubborn person I am I set of to the bathroom to prove that I could fit. Unfortunatley the door didn't have a lock. So to make sure Malia didn't come in I had to lean against the door to make sure she couldn't get in. I discovered it isn't easy to change and lean against the door. Luckily, I hadn't heard Malia out there so that meant she wasn't out there. So I thought. When I got off the door Malia opened the door! When I looked out the door I saw Malia and my cousin Aidan (and yes Aidan is a boy) standing there laughing. To make it worse I had no shirt on and my leggings were see through! It was so embarrasing!

This next story involves my cousins and a zipline. In my mom's neighborhood there is this huge creek going through it. At the very end at the creek I discovered a zipline. It goes straight across the creek. When I told Aidan and Malia about it the wanted to go right over. So we headed over to it and began. I was expecting it to be slow like it was when I first went on it. But in the week since I last rode on it someone must have oiled it or somethng, because when I went on it was super slippery and I fell off the zipline and landed in on my butt on the bottom of the creek. I also got bit by a crawfish. My cousins were at the starting platform laughing their heads off. Looking back on it now it was pretty funny. :0)

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