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by PT teacher: Matt McCartney
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Winter Break
Over winter break I went to my Grandmas house for christmas. Sunday morning I went out to open my presents and I got a hunting game for xbox 360 kincet and I got kincet motion sports season two. Monday I stayed home and watched tv then I played with my dogs and I wacthed some football games. Tuesday I went to my friend Logon Nelson and we went to go see Alvin and the chimpmunks Chipwrecked and then I went over to Logons house and spent the night and wacthed Jaws all 3 movies and we stayed up till 3:30 at night and Logon made me slam a 12 ounce can of sprite and then we at alot of candy and we kept on drinking pop and we didn't wake up till 11:00 in the moring then we did chores and then we went over to Logons grandpa and grandmas house and we ate some food and then we drank a bottle of pop then we shot some birds then we filled up cans of pop and shot them and then Logons mom toke me home then I wacthed my dogs. Wensday I stayed home and went on my blog and was working on it and I called Logon then we stopped calling each other then i ate supper and then I wacthed unstopable then I watched Zombie land then I went to bed at midnight. Thursday I went to my grandmas house and then I went home and I wachted movies and then I went to bed at 11:00. Friday I stayed home and I wacthed tv and played video games and wacthed the dogs and then I went outside and played with them. Saturday I stayed home and stayed in side and didn't go oustside until night because my step dad told me walk outside very slowly because their were 5 or 6 deer and I think one was a big buck there was at least 10 points on it. Sunday I slept in and didn't get up til 10:00 aclock in the morning and i stayed up til minnight and I wacthed some funny movies and I kind of liked them but not really because there was a lot of commercialls and then I found out that we had all the movies on dvd so then I went and got the movies from the basement and Then I wacthed all of them on the ps3 and I stayed up really late I told my mom I would go to bed at midnight but she didn't really care so I wchted all the movies and I went to bed. Monday I stayed home and I ate lunch and supper then I went to bed. THE END BY TYLER

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