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All the students in room 15 teach and learn from each other. The challenges that are achieved are limited only by the restrictions of their own minds!

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My Opinion of The Terrible Wave
I think that The Terrible Wave’s author, Marden Dahlstedt, did a great job with this book. She included every detail of every moment. I liked it when she was writing about Megan being in the house when the wave hit. She wrote, “After what seemed like a lifetime in the thunderous blackness, Megan lifted her head. Far above her she could see a glimmer of dirty gray light.” Right after that she wrote something else I also thought had very good description. “She wasn’t even thinking now. Painfully she began to crawl toward the light…” I think that that line shows how desperate Megan actually was. Megan has, so far in the book, been very dignified and despises, more than others, the idea of looking pitiful.
I have a couple of favorite phrases from the book. One of my favorite descriptions that Marden Dahlstedt wrote is, “ To her astonishment she found herself looking directly into a human face!” The reason that’s one of my favorite sentences is because I imagine seeing all of this debris and no sign of life and then suddenly a human face! One of my other favorites is “Hang on,” Brian cried to Megan. With a heave he pushed against the mattress and flung himself headlong onto the wagon, dragging Megan like a pack on his back. The force of the leap had knocked the old man flat, and for a moment the three of them lay in a tangled, sodden heap.” The reason I call that sentence one of my favorites is because, one, it’s funny and, two, it has very good description, that is at least at the end of the phrase . Those are all reasons why I think the author, Marden Dahlstedt, wrote good descriptions.

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Hi! The first thing you should know about me is that I'm a ten year old girl. My favorite book is Catching Fire (yeah Hunger Games!). My favorite color is, definetly, purple! And, in my free time I LOVE to swim!

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