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Grade 5 Students

Welcome to our grade 5 teacher and student weblog. We attend Nettleton Elementary School in Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A. Check out our site to learn about our classroom, read our writings and give us some feedback. To add comments, just click on the comment link below a post. If you comment, please tell us who you are and where you are from. Your comments need teacher-approval before they show up on the blog. Our class likes to follow a blog comment recipe. You can write about something you saw or heard, something you liked, something to add or fix, or a question to make the writer think.

by AK

teacher: Jay Monson, Grade 5 Teacher

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The wisdom of the rhythm make my feet don’t stop till my feet can’t feel the beat no more. Now lets talk about love, songs can make you feel love you can even be free of love and all of the above. Now lets talk about peace if I had a little niece I would teach her about peace and give her piece of my mind of what I think peace is all about peace is all about. The rhythm you feel when you hear it in the r&b be mprehend the message that I send . I hope some day I can dance in France and get a chance to show my moves and my groves. I am going to tell my best friend this rhyme because this is the end.

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My name is Ajanice. I live in duluth Minnesota. I am 11 years old. I like to ride my bike and hang out with my friends.

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