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Grade 5 Students

Welcome to our grade 5 teacher and student weblog. We attend Nettleton Elementary School in Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A. Check out our site to learn about our classroom, read our writings and give us some feedback. To add comments, just click on the comment link below a post. If you comment, please tell us who you are and where you are from. Your comments need teacher-approval before they show up on the blog. Our class likes to follow a blog comment recipe. You can write about something you saw or heard, something you liked, something to add or fix, or a question to make the writer think.

by KD

teacher: Jay Monson, Grade 5 Teacher

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I have an awesome auntie. Her name Is Elizabeth. She likes to be called Liz or Lizzy. She helps me out with a lot of things. For example, she helps me with homework, cooking and cleaning. She is very fun to be around. She plays a lot of games with me like, mother may I or, red light green light. She is a very good singer as well. When I turn on the radio, she starts singing. Her singing is very beautiful. I think she could be on the x factor, (a singing show). I love to hang out with her because we like to talk about stuff. She talks about what I need to know about when I go into middle school. Now I know what I need to look out for in middle school. She also talks about stuff I don’t really want to talk about with other people, she understands me when I talk about those things. I really love her because she is very, very special to me.

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About the Blogger

My name is Karee. I like to play basketball with friends. I also like to go biking. I am a great actor as well. Also, I love to read! My favorite book is Sideways Stories from Wayside school by Louis Sachar. Its a great book!!! That's a few things about me!!!

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