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Welcome to our grade 5 teacher and student weblog. We attend Nettleton Elementary School in Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A. Check out our site to learn about our classroom, read our writings and give us some feedback. To add comments, just click on the comment link below a post. If you comment, please tell us who you are and where you are from. Your comments need teacher-approval before they show up on the blog. Our class likes to follow a blog comment recipe. You can write about something you saw or heard, something you liked, something to add or fix, or a question to make the writer think.

by JC

teacher: Jay Monson, Grade 5 Teacher

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My day at Hartley nature park was awesome I so hope we do it again. We got to go to different stations like tree ID, sawmill, tree regeneration, new forest technology, and wildlife.

I learned so much I’m not sure my brain can hold all that information. My favorite station was wildlife because they talked about the wildlife of northern Minnesota it was so cool!They also had different bones and furs of different animals.

We got on the bus at Nettleton and got ready to go to Hartley park. And then when we got there what we thought was our first station really wasn’t because the person who sent the schedule to Mr. Monson messed up and sent him the one from last year so we had to use a pen to completely redo the schedule. So it turns out our first station was tree ID and in that station we got to learn to ID the different trees and that was awesome that was probably my second favorite station.

My third favorite would be sawmill and I liked it because he had this big LOUD!!!! Machine tha when he put a log through it it cut into a board it was so cool! The one thing I didn’t like about was that when the log came out it smelled gross. A the guy that did the sawmill station was cool to he was the silent type and he had an awesome beard

The overall experience was awesome I loved it I so hope we get to do it again.

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