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Grade 5 Students

Welcome to our grade 5 teacher and student weblog. We attend Nettleton Elementary School in Duluth, Minnesota, U.S.A. Check out our site to learn about our classroom, read our writings and give us some feedback. To add comments, just click on the comment link below a post. If you comment, please tell us who you are and where you are from. Your comments need teacher-approval before they show up on the blog. Our class likes to follow a blog comment recipe. You can write about something you saw or heard, something you liked, something to add or fix, or a question to make the writer think.

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teacher: Jay Monson, Grade 5 Teacher

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I have a fun family. In my family I live with my mom, dad, sister, brother, and Daisy our family pet. I have a step sister and knowing that she is, is a whole different story well anyways she is 13 or 14 and is super fun she loves writing poems.

I love drawing and writing books, so if you told me to draw something I would. That’s the same with me when I am writing books.

Like me mostly everyone has a family pet. I used to have a dog a Rottweiler he was the best but he died a long time ago, I was in kindergarten his name was Victor. After I got a cat a calico named willow but she got hit by a car and died last year. Now we have the cutest most playful ferret ever she loves to play bite though. Daisy our ferret is black, gray and white and has a cute pink nose!

I love watching movies. My favorite is Winnie the Pooh my favorite star is E-ore and Christopher Robin.

Everyone has ancestors. I have a papa who loves ham radio and cooking. I also have a grandma who loves to weave and knit and being funny without trying to! I have a great grandpa who is 94 and he lives in Cook. I also have a great, great grandpa who fought in World War 2.

I’ve been to South Dakota and saw Mount Rushmore and went to Wyoming and saw the Badlands. When I was in my mom’s belly I went to Illinois and N.Y. And when me my mom, dad, sister, brother went to the City’s we brought along our ferret. When we were in the Cities we were there to see our cousin Caitlyn Graduate from College.

And that was all about me!

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I love dogs, and art. My favorite food is my moms homemade chicken alfredo. And I love music and my ferret, Daisy.

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