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We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by HorseBackRider1 teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012
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Cleany Weenie
By Horsebackrider1

Cleany Weenie is a fearless hotdog superhero who teaches the world not to litter. Her two trusty sidekicks who travel with her are Kim Ketchup and Molly Mustard.

Cleany Weenie’s special weapon is her bun attack which she uses to trap unsuspecting litter bugs. Kim and Molly are able to squirt the litterer and they all help to make sure the earth is clean!

One bright sunny day Cleany was walking along the street to go to her favorite breakfast place when she saw someone sucking on a lollipop. At first she thought who would be having a lollipop at 8 o’clock in the morning. She got upset and angry when the person dropped the wrapper on the ground! Cleany thought, "I’m going to go talk some sense into that guy!"

She went up to him and told him that he shouldn’t be throwing the wrapper on the ground.

He said, “This is a free country, wiener, and I can do what I want.”

Cleany went into action with her HOTDOG BUN ATTACK! Cleany spun around really fast and her bun went flying off her body and caught the litter bug. Kim and Molly squirted him until his mouth was full of ketchup and mustard and he could no longer speak.

The litter bug mumbled, “What did I do to deserve this?”

Cleany told the litter bug, "You have no right to be throwing trash on the ground and you will get squeezed in here until you understand."

With that she and her buddies left to look for more litterers.

As they continued walking down the street they spotted another person who was littering. He threw his hamburger wrapper on the ground! Cleany went up to this man and told him that he shouldn’t be throwing trash on the ground. Unfortunately this man didn’t listen either and just turned his back on Cleany. Now it was time again for HOTDOG BUN ATTACK! Cleany had just finished spinning her new bun and she spun it and grabbed the second litter bug.

Kim and Molly began squirting and Cleany started lecturing. “You have no right to litter. In fact, it is a law that you can’t litter. If everybody threw their trash on the ground every day we would be walking in garbage instead of on the sidewalk. We would be driving in garbage instead of on the street! And our houses would be full of garbage!"

Cleany finished her speech and asked, “Do you understand why it’s not good to litter now?”

The two litter bugs nodded their heads and promised not to litter again. The buns opened and allowed them to be free.

Cleany Weenie is a litter fighting superhero, who with the help of her buns is able to prevent littering. Cleany is a great hotdog and along with her two best friends, Kim and Molly, they are able to save the world from trash!

cleanie weenie and friends

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