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We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by MonkeyFreak#1 teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012
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i-Prints 05/11
Miro 05/11
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Poetry 04/24
Inquiry 03/25
Return to the Moon 03/11
Literary Essay 01/12
Self Portraits 10/21
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School Report 10/31
Personal Narrative 10/26
A True Story From Your Life 10/21
Independent Writing 10/21
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Birthday Party

It was Megan’s birthday party. She was going to turn ten so she wanted it to be very special.

She was going to have it at her house, but she was going to have a pool party. That might not be, you know, special, but at least she thought it was. Anyway she invited three of her best friends, Julia, Abby, and Nicole, her cousins, uncles,  and aunts.

“Remember to bring your bathing suits,” Megan reminded them. (Not the uncles and aunts. They didn't have to bring their bathing suits.)

Finally it was the day of her birthday party. She had trouble looking for an outfit. She had already looked at 25 outfits. But she already had her bathing suit.

“Oh, I know I can wear my turquoise shirt and my new black shirt,” she said. So she put on her clothes and went outside. She saw all of her friends holding presents.

“Hey you guys,” Megan said.

“Hi, Megan,” her friends said all together.

“So I ordered pepperoni pizza. It’s inside. Wait here,” Megan said.

She rushed inside to get the pizza. On her way down she bumped into a giant sunflower and all the pizza fell out. Luckily there was four pieces left. They ate their pizza and then went into the pool.

Suddenly, a UFO appeared in the sky. (Kind of weird, but let me get on with the story.) Everyone looked above them and couldn’t believe what they saw. The UFO started getting closer and closer. Then it landed on Megan’s back yard. A door opened…….wait for it……..and a puppy came out! With Megan’s grandma. (I know that sounds weird but wait for this.)

A  dude, who apparently  is selling jelly beans, is in there, too. This might sound weird but the UFO and the people inside it were the present from her parents. And the dog was hers. Of course she named it Jelly Bean. Also, Megan got 17 packs of jelly beans.

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