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We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by Horse29 teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012
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Skating Superstar

I dashed off the ice to my mom, literally tripping! I screamed, "I am doing a solo for the ice skating show."

“That sounds fun, but it is coming soon so you should start picking a song,” my mom exclaimed.

My mom and I went into the office at the rink to pick out a skating dress. There were so many to choose from I couldn’t pick. But then one caught my eye. It was a black and sparkly gold zebra print one. I told my mom I wanted that one. I tried it on and it fit perfectly. I was so glad.

We told the lady we were going to buy that one. She said, "Everyone wants this. You are so lucky you got it because that was the only zebra print one we had."

A couple of weeks later and a few days before the show I finally picked a song. I picked "Born to Be Somebody" by Justin Bieber.

Three days later was the show. We were in the car, and I kept saying to my mom, "Go faster!"

My mom would say, "I can’t, but calm down we are almost there."

I was jumping out of my seat I was so excited! We arrived at the rink. I was already in my dress so I jumped out of the car with my skating bag and ran like a lightning bolt into the rink. I got my skates on and waited for my turn.

Later on, my skating teacher said, "You are going on the ice soon."

I followed her to a little area where I waited. Soon it was my turn. They said my name as I skated onto the ice. They put the music on and I did my routine perfect. I couldn’t stop smiling. It went by so quick! I skated off the ice as the clapping died. I ran over to my family and they were so proud.

I was so sad it was over, but I was relieved I did everything correct. And I had fun with it!

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