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We are Mr. Brune's 5th Grade at Mamaroneck Avenue School in Mamaroneck, NY, USA!

by basketballgirl teacher: MAS 5B 2011 - 2012
Class Assignments
i-Prints 05/11
Miro 05/11
Final Pioneer Diary Entry 05/10
Poetry 04/24
Inquiry 03/25
Return to the Moon 03/11
Literary Essay 01/12
Self Portraits 10/21
Sculpture 12/02
Revision 11/22
School Report 10/31
Personal Narrative 10/26
A True Story From Your Life 10/21
Independent Writing 10/21
Blog Entries

The Brother Who Never Wanted To Come Up From Bed Brother: blubberflubber Mother: basketballgirl Dad: shamefulcloud Good sister, Julianne: candylover51 Grandma: pbanj23 House cleaner: horsebackrider1 Foreign Grandpa, Papa Joe: senorgummyworm Narrator: Mr. Brune (a.k.a SharkMan) Mom: Come on, Nathan! Get off your gluteus maximums! Nathan: Maaaaaa! Come on! Five minutes?! Dad: Maaa, I'm going to work. Grandma: OK, honey! Papa Joe: Haksb dghs hgjsifbhehgsdjgoewignerkoihyg. Julianne: Dad! Maoomy! I’m going to school, and I have a feeling that I'm gonna' do really well! House cleaner: Don’t forget your lunches! Oh, that little Julianne is the best! Mom: Bye, Julianne have a great day at schoo! Nathan, are you up yet?! Julianne: Bye, everyone! Did you put choclate milk in my lunch box, Mommy? Mom: Yes, I put one just for you. Julianne: Thanks! Nathan, get out of bed! Hahahahaha! Nathan: Leave me alone! I'm trying to sleep you dumbo! Mom: That’s no way to speak to your sister! Say you're sorry! Nathan: No! Why should I say sorry?! Juliana (crying): That was so mean. Narrator: Finally they went to school. (Later) NArrator: Then they finished school. Juliana: Nathan, you say sorry or I'll shoot you with my Nerf gun. Nathan: Do it and I'll tell. (Juliana makes a puppy face.) Nathan: I surrender. (Juliana shoots the Nerf gun.) Nathan: I'm running home to tell! Juliana: No, no, no! I'm supposed to be the good one! Narrator: The kids come home from school, and the dad comes comes home from work. Mom: Hi, kids! Nathan: Juliana shot me with the Nerf gun! Mom: Is that true Juliana? Juliana: No! That’s the opposite of what happened! Mom: If you don’t tell me I will use my secret weapon. Juliana: No, Mommy! Nathan just wants me to get in trouble! Nathan: No, mom! You can just use your secret weapon. Mom: I will use my secret weapon. (Mom uses secret weapon.) Mom: Juliana, you're the one who's lieing. You're grounded. Dad: I'm home! I brought McDonalds. Mom: Hi. Why did you bring McDonalds? We need the protein. Papa Joe: Yeah they need the protein. Juliana: Mommy, I don't want to be grounded. Mom: I don't care if you don't want to be grounded. That was very mean what you did. Nathan: Yeah! Haha! Mom: Do you want to be grounded too? Nathan: No, mommy.

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