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by Travis T teacher: Melanie Transue
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September Freewrite

A TV show I really like is Deadliest Warrior. It takes great warriors and their armies against other armies of their time that they never encountered.

They have weapon experts that recreate these weapons and armors use in the time they existed. These weapons consist long range medium range and lastly up close and personal. They do test for pressure whose weapons are most accurate and if they can penetrate the others armor. The use ascetics jell filled with blood bones and actual representation of arteries. They compile the data with various x factors such as physiological health, fatigue, and strategy. They run a sim of 5000 battles and whoever wins the most of the battles is the deadliest warrior.

The Deadliest Warrior show is currently in its ninth season. The ninth season is when they started doing 5000 battles instead of 1000. Then they also change it being 1 v 1 with the warriors to the leader and five soldier vs. the leader and five soldiers. Lastly they showed the last show of season nine vampires’ vs. zombies using 69 zombies for vampire.

  This great show caused me to like warriors and battles fought in the past. The show can really teach you a lot about the warriors and armies and their weapons in the past. That is why I think it is a great show.

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