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by AS teacher: Mr. Schade

The Northern Gateway Pipeline is two pipelines. One will transfer oil from Bruderheim Alberta to Kitimat. The other will transfer water from Kitimat to Brudrheim Alberta. Then the oil will be transferred by oil tankers to eastern parts of the world,one of those places will be China. The company that wants to build this pipeline is Enbridge a rich gas and oil company mostly for money. Some people want the pipeline and some people don't. I am oppose to building this pipeline for many reasons. One of the reasons is that it could leak in rivers,lakes,streams and oceans and pollute our water.Having an oil spill would also harm water animals such as fish,whales,otters and walruses. The oil tankers carrying bitumen would have to move through 185 kilometers of inner coastal waters known for high,rough seas. If a major oil spill occurred it could take a terrible toll on the ocean. It will go through huge forests including one of the last untouched forests in the world Bear Lake which is the last place that you will see the spirit bear. The pipeline would travel through the territory of more than 50 First Nations. The process of the pipeline will harm habitats,produces large amounts of greenhouse gases and threatens the health of people who live in the area.


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