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Mr. Schade, Division 9

Hello and welcome to our Blog! Here you will find information on various assignments, upcoming events, what's going on in our classroom, and our thoughts about the world around us. Enjoy!

by CK

teacher: Mr. Schade

Blog Entries
D.P Todd band 06/12/12
Hockey Is My Life 06/04/12
Word Sorts 05/30/12
5 or more sentences 05/23/12
human body. 05/04/12
Human Body 05/01/12
Human Body 04/30/12
Canucks at Avalanche 03/24/12
Tabor Hill 03/24/12
Northern Gateway Pipeline 02/23/12
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Canada 11 02/08/12
If I Was ... A Cheetah 02/08/12
My Diet Reflection 01/18/12
Persuasive Letter 01/12/12
New Years Reflection 01/05/12
Winter Break 01/04/12
Canada 9 01/04/12
Energy Drinks 12/06/11
Christmas 11/29/11
Whole Numbers 11/28/11
Swimming Field Trip 11/26/11
DARE 11/24/11
Galaxy Bushy 11/21/11
The Harmonica 11/09/11
Hockey 11/07/11
Remembrance Day 11/07/11
Canada 8 Remembrance Day 11/06/11
Patterns 10/30/11
Canada 6 10/30/11
Canada 7 10/29/11
Canada 5 10/17/11
Canada 4 10/08/11
Canada 3 10/03/11
Fall 10/03/11
Autumn 10/03/11
Teacher for a day 09/28/11
Canada 2 09/26/11
Canada 1 09/19/11

In 2011

I saw my awesome ipod touch
I went to Edmonton for a hockey tournament
I made an awesome banner in Mr. Schade's class
I tried out for the Northern Selects
I learned how to do whole numbers in math
I read Diary of a wimpy kid
I thought about how cool I am
I wondered how to be more cool

In 2012

I might make the Northern Selects
I will read more
I won't quit hockey
I want to play lacrosse
I don't want to play baseball
I think hockey is awesome
I am sure that Mr. Schade is the best teacher ever
I hope I make the Northern Selects

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About the Blogger

I like sports, nature and boating.

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