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Mr. Schade, Division 9

Hello and welcome to our Blog! Here you will find information on various assignments, upcoming events, what's going on in our classroom, and our thoughts about the world around us. Enjoy!

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teacher: Mr. Schade

Blog Entries

1.Wilfrid is on the 5 dollar canadian bill.
a)He invented 1 type of hockey.
b)He made 5 dollar bills.

2.John A. Macdonald is on the 10 dollar bill.
a)The front features a portrait of Sir John A. Macdonald, the coat of arms, and a picture of the Library of Parliament.
b)They started to make theese bills when he died.

3.Queen Elizabeth the second is on the 20 dollar bill.
a)Elizabeth was born in London.
b)In 1947 she married Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

4.William Lyon Mackenzie King is on the 50 dollar bill.
a)Historians conclude that Mackenzie King remained so long in power because he had developed wide-ranging.
b)A survey of scholars in 1997 by Maclean's magazine ranked Mackenzie King first among all Canada's prime ministers

5.Robert Laird Borden is on the 100 dollar bill.
a)Robert Laird Borden was born and educated in Grand Pre, Nova Scotia.
b)From 1868 to 1874, he worked as a teacher in Grand Pré.

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I like to play outside with friends. On computer I like to play Combat arms and roblox. On ps33 i like to play Call Of Duty black ops, and Call Of Duty modern warfare2. Outside i like to play flood tag, ride my bike and play nerf with friends. I like to go over to friends. My favourite thing thing to do is play flood tag with grade 6's.

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