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Mr. Schade, Division 9

Hello and welcome to our Blog! Here you will find information on various assignments, upcoming events, what's going on in our classroom, and our thoughts about the world around us. Enjoy!

by CC

teacher: Mr. Schade

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Jet that wakes up on another planet.

Once upon a time there was a guy named jet. He is wearing white short sleave shirt and blue shorts. He has black hair, purple eyes and decent mucles.
Jet wakes up on a blue rock on a blue and white planet.Jet looks at his wach. It says it is 12:01pm. Forget the wach its not good here Jet says to himself. Oh no because rocks come tumbling down so he gets up and its a 5 foot purple alien baby witn 1 eye and 2 noses and 1 mouth. The ground starts to shake. He looks over the rock just peeking and there 10 foot soldiers heading his way so he runs and runs till he found a house. Jet found a house he raced in and theres a Dad, Mom, brother and sister Aliens. so he said sorry nervuslly as he walked like a penguin going out because thay frooze because they were shocked. Wonce Jet got out they screamed so high piched it hurt his ears and the army raced there. They found him and started to shot at him but he caught one and he said tazers. What are they doing with tazers but they were gaining up so he had to run and an alien got him rate in is leg.
He woke up their base and he woke up the aliens were just going to have a relaxing brake so he looked to the left and right and saw Humans like him. his straps wasen't on that tight so he chould brake out. He rescued the other people. So they knocked out one and took the tazer gun so they chould get out silently. They got out but the alarm went off so they took a realy fast jeep. The other 6 guys started to shoot the guys from the back one got tazard. Man down one of them said. They got a away and found a space ship. Thats the one we came in the people said.
Its like 50 miles ahead and its getting dark we should camp for the night. I got a white and blue tent I made. perfect jet said. I got food and water jet said. lets go in the forest up ahead. the tees looked like earths trees. Oh no patrol coming stay low. Thankgod they didn,t see us. The sun rises so another day said Jet. Were seen as the alarm goes off
They faught their way to the ship after they got spotted. We made it get me cover fire will i hot wire the ship said Jet. Got it. Thier coming after us in ships go to the Guns. 1 hour later We got some of them lost the rest good cause were at earth. The end.

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I like to play outside with friends. On computer I like to play Combat arms and roblox. On ps33 i like to play Call Of Duty black ops, and Call Of Duty modern warfare2. Outside i like to play flood tag, ride my bike and play nerf with friends. I like to go over to friends. My favourite thing thing to do is play flood tag with grade 6's.

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