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5th Grade Reading and Social Studies---> The Reading Lab is where bright young readers come to discuss, through in-depth dialogue, literature that they are reading._____ The Social Studies Parlor is where students respond to critical questions related to different aspects of Social Studies, and then discuss their responses through thoughtful discussions.

by teacher: Mr. Volkman
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One of the most STUUPPIIIDDD things that I think they did, is let beast 11 go. THE REASONS!!?? I dont know...WAIT! I HAVE AN IDEA!!!! I think that I should maybe tell why BEAST 11 GETTING AWAY was the stupidest thing ever! THE REASONS!?!?!?! One of the reasons why he didn't eat them is because he already ate!! HE WAS FULL! Here's a science lesson. He couldn't "SATURATE" anything else. So he just booked it and ran away. ON-QUOTE-MODE, "Inside the cave, teeth ripped flesh. The dark creature was feasting." OFF-QUOTE-MODE. Another reason why chocolate is awes-sorry..getting off-track. Another reason why it was crazy of them to let beast 11 escape would be that beast 11 is beast 11. HE'S EVIL! He'll probably destroy everything, including Jack, Joe, and Isadora. I can prove he's evil, although i don't have a quote. Beast 11 ate most of Xaafuuns's other monsters, until she had...I think...1 or 2..

IM DONE......can i go..??


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