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This blog is for Miss Jovanovich's algebra and geometry classes to share ideas, ask questions, and reflect on what skills and topics we are studying. If we are lucky, we might even get a chance to connect with other students studying the same stuff.


teacher: Tina Jovanovich

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Hello everyone!

I can’t believe how fast last week went! It seemed like it started on Monday, only to end on Tuesday! 

I had a very busy week! The Scratch Project, a Biology Project, Track, and Baseball! I was so tired by the end of the week.

But although it was busy, it was still very fun, and I like a fast week better than a slow week. 

We were also busy in Geometry, what with our Scratch Project and Area Test! And while we’re on the subject of the test... Why did my class think it was so hard, while the other class thought the opposite? Its weird. I think that I did okay, but I had to guess on a few problems, and I left one blank. 

I think that this unit was really fun and not too difficult, because it was easy to visualize or put into real situations. I’d have to say my favorite formula was the Rhombus or Kite formula. This was because it was very simple, and I like rhombi and kites. The formula was easy for me to remember and use.

Well, I have to go, but have a great week!


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14 years old Born in New Jersey Two younger sisters 1 Dog and 1 Cat Sports: Baseball, Cross-Country, Track, Skiing

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