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This blog is for Miss Jovanovich's algebra and geometry classes to share ideas, ask questions, and reflect on what skills and topics we are studying. If we are lucky, we might even get a chance to connect with other students studying the same stuff.

by teacher: Tina Jovanovich
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I can’t believe this is my last blog!!! Freshman year went by way too fast.  I’m gonna miss all my pals at York next year soooo much!  Looking back on the year, there are a few things I wish I would’ve know a little earlier.  I decided I would share them for the incoming freshmen, and maybe make life a little easier for them:)


  1. Keep you binders organized.  It’s a pain when you get to finals, and can’t find any of your notes.

  2. Keep an open mind about people.  Everyone changes so much in high school, don’t hang on to your opinions of them from middle school.

  3. Respect the upper class men.  You don’t need to be afraid of them, but keep in mind that you’re a lot younger.

  4. Find the bathrooms with mirrors.

  5. Enjoy high school.  It’s so much better than middle school.

  6. Do your homework! You’re going to have to actually study for tests now.

  7. Challenge yourself.  If you’re acing a CP class, then you need to be in honors.  Don’t breeze through high school.

  8. Don’t mess with Mrs. Adams the librarian.  She’s a lot scary than she looks on the first day.

  9. Use your planner often.  There won’t be any homework websites to go to this year.

  10. Go to athletic events, especially soccer, football, and basketball.  It’s a great way to get involved and meet new people.

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