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This blog is for Miss Jovanovich's algebra and geometry classes to share ideas, ask questions, and reflect on what skills and topics we are studying. If we are lucky, we might even get a chance to connect with other students studying the same stuff.


teacher: Tina Jovanovich

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This has been dictated to a teacher who typed it for me.

During semester 1 I feel like I understand all of the topics we have covered in Algebra. It is difficult getting me to do the work, but when I do start then I work well. I need to quit slacking off on my work. At least I recognize that I need to do more. I think the mid year exam will be too long for me to finish during class. The length of the test should be shorter for me and it should cover some of the major things that we need to know in order to move on. 

If I fail the exam I know that my grade would look bad, and I could fail for the semester. I did not know when I am suppose to have the Algebra exam, but a teacher has told me when it is. I am nervous about that, because after the holiday weekend I don't think I will be mentally ready for the test.

I am not sure what to do to prepare for the exam. I usually just wait for the test to happen. I will need to bring something to fidget with in order to calm my nerves. I need to bring a pencil, notepaper, and a good attitude to class. I should complete some of my missing assignments before the test, it may get my grade up and help me with examples on the exam.




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