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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas
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Hello, do you know Ben Franklin’s big ideas, if you don’t read this and you will learn a lot more about his ideas. So come on, get your reading glasses on, and get ready to read.
Did you know that Benjamin Franklin published the first almanac in 1733 and he was only 26 year old? The almanac’s name was the Poor Richard’s Almanack. It included weather forecast, tide schedule, sun set and sundown times, when to plant crops, jokes, and every day advice. The thing that I think was the most interesting is that he was pretty young when he wrote it. And by the time he sold his third edition he was getting about 10,000 copies sold each year.
He also discovered that lightning and electricity is the same thing, although electricity is much stronger. The way he discovered it was first he sent a letter to European scientists to do an experiment; and this is what the experiment was. Build a tall shack and put tall and pointed rod up on the top of the shack and take notes on what happened. Then, he decided to prove it himself by holding up a kite in the air with a pointed wire at the top and feeling the shocks travel through the rope to the key, and guess what, he proved that he was right.
Guess what, he also convinced France to help us gain our independence. He got them to send us money, guns, uniforms, food, and soldiers to help us win the war. I am very glad he was very good at persuading people to do thing or else I might not have been born in this country.
He even was a post master and improved it a lot from six weeks to three weeks to six days. That was a major improvement.
Another thing he did was he organized a fire department and fire insurance which I think is really cool and probably made a lot more people feel safe when cooking.
The last thing he did that I think was awesome was that he organized the first ever hospital, even though they did not have many of the things we use today.
I hope you liked my essay/blog; and I know you probably learned a lot more about Benjamin Franklin just by reading this. Thank you.

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