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location: The location of the Bermuda Triangle is around the east coast of Florida and Peurto Rico and also a little part of it is next to South Carolina.
Absolute Location: The Bermuda Triangle doesn't have an actual absolute location because it is so big but is in-between 80-90 degrees west and 30-20 degrees north.
Its Place is Famous For: The Bermuda Triangle is famous for the disappearences of over 66 airplanes and ships. The most famous disapearance is an airplane called flight 19. The ship disappeared over 30 years ago and it hasn't been seen since.
description: The Bermuda Triangle is a windy yet sunny place. It's temperature is usually around 60-100+ degrees. The Bermuda Triangle doesn't have distinct seasons. The bermuda Triangle has winds that are normaly around 10 miles m.p.h.
Three Interesting Facts: The Bermuda Triangle has many interesting facts so here are three of them:
1) The Bermuda Triangle is not actually a triangle in fact it does't even have a definite shape it never has had a offical boundry.
2) The Bermuda Triangle has supposedly been responsible for more than over 66 planes and ships.
3) The bermuda Triangle has not sucked in all the ships and planes that come near it or over it only a few of them.

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