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On out field trip to China town, we took private cars. I was in Mara’s group. We were the last ones to get there. I don’t know why. The group I was in only had girls in it. There were five people in the group. We had to pay to park at the China Town Parking Lot. I had fun on the car ride. When we finally got there, I was so happy.

First, our class went to Uwajimaya. We couldn’t buy anything. We had thirty-five minutes to browse the store. We saw bags of fortune cookies. When we saw a book store, we went in and looked at the books. We couldn’t read all of them because most of them were in Chinese. The only ones that we could read were the comic books. There was a second floor, so we went up there. There were even more books up there than one the first floor. The roof was really low. There was a stool so I stood on it. When I stood on it, I could touch the roof. When we were done looking at the books we went to the first floor and went outside and waited for the other groups. We were the first group to be outside.

Next, we went to the Fortune Cookie Factory. It was my favorite place. They showed us how they make noodles and fortune cookies. We learned a trick about the noodles and how they make them. They make lots of noodles in one day. They showed us how they make fortune cookies. Fortune cookies were first made in Japan. They make lots of fortune cookies in one day. They make over one thousand fortune cookies in one day! That is a lot of fortune cookies. They make flat fortune cookies and fortune cookies that have a fortune inside of them. I got two flat fortune cookies and two fortune cookies that have a fortune inside. I got some really good fortunes inside my fortune cookies. The flat fortune cookies don’t have any fortunes inside of them, but the other ones did. I liked the tour of the Fortune Cookie Factory. It was really fun.

Then we ate the Sun Ya restaurant. There were five tables and ten people per table. We had chopsticks and a fork. I was going to eat with my fork until Mr. Ahlness said there was a contest. The table that uses their forks the least wins. No one at our table knew how to use chopsticks. It was amazing that we did not use our forks once. Our table tied with another table. The prize was your own pair of chopsticks and a fortune cookie.

After we finished eating, we went to a park and played there for ten minutes. I don’t know the name of the park. There was a merry go round. I went on it a lot. There was another part of the parks so I went on that.

On the car ride, I read two books. They were good books. We were the second ones to get there. I liked the car ride.

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