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It was summer in Seattle, it was July 12 1999. One day there lived two girls named Rosalina and Kelsey and her mom was working at a store. Their mom worked a lot and she came very, very, very late like at 2:00 of the morning.

So one day the girls went to walk and they saw a door in a dark place. They went in, Rosalina was the oldest. She wanted to go in the door. She said, “Let’s go in Kelsey.” Kelsey went with her. They saw a lot of curtains. They went through the curtains. Kelsey said, “That’s a lot of curtains.”

Then they got there. They saw a big cool place. Rosalina said, “There are weird people.” They saw pink people. It was a pink world. Then a person came. It was a pink person. Then the pink person said, “Come here.” The two girls were scared. Kelsey said, “I’m scared.” So they went in. Then they went through a door with the pink person. Soon they got there.

They saw a pink beach. The water was light pink. There were a lot of pink people. The two girls were amazed. Rosalina looked at her phone to see what time it was. It was time for the dad to come. The dad took care of them until the mom comes. The girls ran home so they wouldn’t be late. Then they got home.

Then the dad came. The girls told the dad the story but the dad didn’t believe them. So the girls took him to the place. Then they got to the door. Then they went through the curtains. And at last the girls got there. They asked the pink person. The pink person took them to the beach and then the dad believed them. So the dad had an idea. He said “Should we go in the water?” So they had a good time. Then they went home. Then they went to sleep. The next day they forgot about it.

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