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by Mila teacher: Mark Ahlness

It was 2010 winter break. I was at my cousins Chloe and Jacob's house. We were going sliding with Chloe’s friend Taylor and her cousin. He was my about my age. We went to the hill right by their house. A couple feet a way. They lived by the junction. We ran into a girl named Bailey, she is in my class. She was with her brother and grandparents.

She was only allowed on the side with a post to stop her. So we tried to ride on the sled together on the side that she was allowed. It worked! We could stop it. When she was allowed to go on either side. We went by ourselves for a little and then we went on the same sled. And the first couple times we did it It worked. Like the fifth time we did it. Boom! We couldn't stop it. We went all the way across the road. Good thing there were no cars. When we got up the hill we didn’t go in the same slide any more.

When Chloe and me got tired her mom took us back to Chloe’s house. We had hot coco and watched a movie. Then we went to her room and watched TV and laid down in her bunk bed. We did a boys against girls. Because Jacob had his friends over. We all had a great time. Then it was time for bed. We had a sleep over. Girls in one room and boys in the other. The next morning we had a snow fight on the trampoline. The end.

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