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In 7th grade social studies we are learning about ancient Rome and Roman Gladiators. The assignment was to create a fictional journal, either using primary or secondary source, telling about the life of a Roman Gladiator. Although we were writing fictionally, we had to keep history in mind and write historically as well.

Roman Gladiator Exerpt:

Now, how to train… I do no think I will go to a gladiatorial school to be trained with the slaves and criminals for I will be far better than them, and they also might try to take some of my money. I am rich Roman so; I believe I shall hire a personal trainer. I must also, with the help of my trainer, decide what type of gladiator I would be most successful as. I have fourteen choices. I could become a Myrmillo, who carries around a dagger and a shield, a Thraician, I would carry a small shield and a curved dagger, an Andabatus, who charges blindly on horseback at their opponents, and Essendarius, who drives a horse-drawn chariot, a Retarius, who snares their opponents in a net, and wears very little armor, this is the most vulnerable type of gladiator. I do not think I will disguise myself and fight as a woman. I could also be a Samnite, who carries a sword and a large shield, and has a visored, crested helmet, I could become a Dimachaerius, who fights with two swords and wears not as much armor as the other types of gladiators. I could become a Laquerius, who is the same as a retarius but carries a lasso instead of a net, a Secutor, who is lightly armed and chases their opponents, a velitus, who is only armed with a spear, an Equites, who fights on horseback, though for the crucial part of the fight they get off and fight on foot. I could also be a Thraex, who carries a small, square shield, a Hoplomachus, who is a standard favorite of the Romans though I do not see myself fighting as a Hoplomachus, who only carries a very small round shield for armor.

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