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by teacher: Mrs. Freitas

Dear Parents,
I really want to talk to you about what I really want for my birthday up that is coming on April 18th. You know how much my siblings ask on their birthday I want something small and that doesn't cost a lot. I want a Dork Diary Book; it’s a book that everyone has and it’s like the Diary of the Wimpy Kid but in girl version. It is a really cool book. Please buy it! I really want it, my whole life I wanted it but I never got it. If it’s not cheap(and costs a lot) I will help you pay half of it, if I help pay then you will have some extra money to pay bills, buy food, and you can also do something for your self.
If you guys don’t buy me a book I will cry because everyone in my school has one. If you ask me to do something I will do anything to help, and get a book I will make my bed, clean my room, do the dishes and also clean the yard. I will try my best to never fight my siblings and read to my baby sister a bed time story everyday. Valeria (my baby sister will cry if she doesn’t hear a story and you know that I mean by cry.) She is a little girl that needs to clear her mind of scary things and a sweet story will help her get her mind out of it. See not only I need the book but my siblings do.
Please buy it I really want you to buy it, I have on more important reason if I don’t get a book how am I going to do my reading logs for school. I will be the only one that will not bring my reading log, there are books in the class room but I see that everyone has a Dork Diary Book. I think that everyone knows that books keep you from turning on the TV, your going to be busy on the book then one the TV and on your cell phones. If I get it I will have something to do and I want be bored all the time.
Hope you buy it for me one reason I really want it and another it’s almost my birthday. Please buy it, because I am thankful to people and to you, my parents.
Brianna Sahagun

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