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My name is Audrey Hepburn I was born in Brussels Belgium on May 4 1929...and I died six weeks later. Well almost, I had a severe coughing attack. I turned blue and stopped breathing until my Mother's prayers and hitting me on the back brought me back to life.Thankfully after that I lived.My Mother was a Dutch baroness and my Father was a wealthy English banker they divorced and I went to London with my Mother.Then moved back to the Netherlands.While I was vacationing with my my mother in Arnthen Holland,Hitler's army took over the town.Then my family and I fell on hard times during the Nazi occupation.I suffered from deppresion and malnutrition.

After that crisis ,I went to ballet school in London on a scholarship. Then I began a modeling career. I thought I had found my place in life as a model that was until the film makers came calling.

When a producer saw me modeling a was signed to a small part in the film Dutch In Seven Lessons in 1948. Then got a speaking role in Young Wives Tale in 1951. I decided to go to America to see if I could get a larger part there.

I got a role in Roman Holiday in 1953.It turned out to be a huge success because I won an oscar as best actress. I gained popularity after this film and better roles because I had class. I won a nomination for Love In The Afternoon 1957, The Nun's Story 1959, and Breakfast At Tiffanys which was the pinnacle of my career in 1961. I scored commercial success again in Charade(1963). One of my best films was My Fair Lady in 1964. My costar Rex Harrison was asked once to identify his favorite leading lady without hesition he said "Audrey Hepburn from My Fair Lady.I got a role in Two For The Road(1967).Then recived another nomanation in Wait Until Dark.

I became ambassador to the United Nations Childrens Fund in 1988 to help children in Latin,America,and Africa.That was my job until 1993. My last film was Always in 1989. I, Audrey Hepburn, died on January, 20,1993,in Tolochnaz Switzerrland from appendicular cancer. I had made a total of 31 high quality movies. My elegance and style will always be remembered in the history of film as evidenced by my being named in Empire Magazines The top 100 Movie Stars of all time.I am number 50.

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