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This blog is for Miss Jovanovich's algebra and geometry classes to share ideas, ask questions, and reflect on what skills and topics we are studying. If we are lucky, we might even get a chance to connect with other students studying the same stuff.


teacher: Tina Jovanovich

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Hello incoming doublers, next year you have quite the challege ahead of you. Taking two math courses in one year isn't easy, but it is doable. The reason you're doubling in the first place is because someone thought you could handle it. Don't assume that you're now a sophomore taking an honors junior class, that you don't have to put any effort into the sophomore geometry class. Because you do! The school will notice if you're struggling in geometry and will make you drop algebra, even if your doing well in algebra. So don't put geometry on the back burner! Also you're probably going to be put in a class with the smartest freshman. Trust me, being in a freshman class as a sophomore is not something everyone wants to do. I get it, freshman can be immature and loud. But don't let them distract you from the material. You're there to learn not to show them up because you're older. Lastly, stay organized! The last thing you want to do is mix up the two math classes. Even though they are very different.

Have a great summer everyone, stay classy :)

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