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In Mr. Water's class, we had to write a 5 paragraph essay about comparing German and Roman culture.

Once a upon a time there were Romans and Germans, two very different civilizations, The Germans were farmers and herders. They lived in a clans, which are groups based on family ties.. The Germans favorite pastime was dancing, feasting and drinking. The Germans had their own culture, but it was based on Romans ways. The biggest differences were in lifestyle, laws and warriors. Rome was wealthy and farmers gave up their farms to the wealthy. This made big difference between the rich and poor.
The life of Germans and Romans were unlike in many ways. The Germans lived in huts. The huts had long thatched roofs. The Roman farmers lived in crowded , unhealthy apartments. The Germans lived in small villages while the Romans lived in cities. The Germans lived with their animals in their huts. The Germans liked dancing,feasting and drinking. The Romans had gladiatorial games and parades.
The laws of the Germans and Romans were not the same in many ways. The Romans laws were written down on Twelve Tablets. However, the Germans did not write down their laws. Instead, the laws were told to them by their family members and were memorize. The Roman Emperors could change the laws. The German rulers' could not change the laws, unless approved by the people. Under the Germanic laws not all people were treated equal. However, under Roman laws people were all treated equally under the law.
The German Warriors and the Roman Army were unlike in many ways. The German warriors loved battle which was linked to their religion, They had swords and wooden shields, they carried these items with them at all times. The Germans received their sword and shield at boyhood. The Roman army had standardize equipment and they were a professional army. The Romans had spears, daggers, shields and shoes. These items were given to them when they got a position in the army. The Roman army was well trained and had lots of discipline. The German warriors had no fixed plan of attack, they just fought wherever they wanted. The Roman army was paid for their services. The Germans were not paid, but some time they received wealth and adventure.
In conclusion, life for the Germanic tribes was different from that of the Romans. The simple village life of Germans contrasted a lot to life in the Roman cities . The Germans laws didn’t treat everyone fairly but the Romans laws did. The Romans had a professional army and Germans were expected to be fighters. Comparing two major civilizations is complicated because there too so much information and they have left us a lot of their ideas.

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