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One afternoon Star flower went over to the river in the forest to get water for the stew her mother was making. Star flower was a Native American, part of the Seneca tribe. The water that Star flower was getting was to be fed to her sister, Sunshine. Sunshine had a disease called small pox which was very common at the time. Many children lost their parents, and some parents lost their children. Already Star flower’s grandmother had died because of small pox. Star Flower’s hope about curing her sister had now dropped down so low that it almost wasn’t there. Back then there was no cure that anyone had heard of to get rid of small pox.

Each day Star flower would go check on her sister just to make sure she was alright. But everything wasn’t alright. Each day Sunshine’s strength grew weaker and weaker. That night while Sunshine was sleeping, Star flower put a short and slightly heavy stick on Sunshine’s forehead. That's how the Indians used to make the weak stronger. It helped Sunshine the next morning and Star flower kept on doing this each day until Sunshine’s disease had rubbed off of her. Star flower lied down on her bed with a bad case of small pox, and this time it was even more serious. ”Star flower wake up! Please!,“ Sunshine’s voice cracked as tears ran across her face. ”Sister wake up! Just wake up already!!!“ Sunshine screamed. Then Merry Rose (Sunshine and Star flowers mother) came and told Sunshine gently, ”Sunshine, be quiet, your sister is fighting the disease in her body.“ Sunshine obeyed her mother and walked outside.

Sunshine decided to go get water for her sister, so Sunshine went to get a bucket and some water by the river for her sister when she saw a wolf creep slowly toward her. Sunshine looked very closely at the wolf, she was a little scared.She sat down and bowed at the wolf.Bowing to animals was considered great respect because the Indians thought that all animals were spirits.The great wolf looked at Sunshine but didn’t do anything. Then Sunshine stood and walked towards her house with the water for her sister thinking suspiciously about the wolf and how it looked at her.

”Mother, do you know anyone who could cure Star flower?,“ Sunshine asked.
” No Sunshine, and I don’t think anyone knows the cure to this disease. Most people don’t survive this disease but you did. The Great Spirit has saved you! I hope he saves Star flower.“ Merry Rose replied. Star flowers body was very cold and weak. She could barely even breathe. She would never open her eyes or eat anything. She rarely even got out of her bed! Each day Merry Rose went over to Star flower and blew on her face. Sunshine did same. Merry Rose and Sunshine both prayed for Star flower. They did everything to help her but each day her disease grew worse and worse and worse. And the more the disease grew stronger, Sunshine and Merry Rose grew very, very worried.

One day they carried Star flower down to the river in the forest. They were very sad that Star flower would not be able to survive her disease. By this time Merry Rose had caught small pox too.They saw the great wolf there. Sunshine bowed and brought Merry Rose and Star flower by the wolf. Then Sunshine ran away to get some water.

Sunshine came back to the wolf with two buckets of water. One bucket was for her family and the other bucket was for the wolf. This was an offering for the wolf and if the wolf accepted the offer she would help Merry Rose and Star flower. The wolf decided that she should help the family. She walked in circles and sniffed each of them. She started licking their faces until the small pox starting to disappear. It was just a miracle. Sunshine couldn't believe what she saw. Her eyes filled with tears of joy. They were all pleased with what the wolf had done.They bowed to the wolf. Then they all thanked the wolf and went home and from that day on, Sunshine, Star flower and Merry Rose cherished the wolf.

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