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Article posted June 17, 2012 at 03:55 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 1259

Our Trip To BrainPop

By Aroob

This field trip was one of the best I had ever been on before. This is the story of how our field trip went.

I was finally out of the classroom feeling the fresh air. I hear the motor of the bus. As soon as we got out we got into the bus. The BrainPop Studios were all the way in Manhattan, but it wasn't the longest field trip I’d been on.The ride was bumpy, but I didn't get too sick. Me and my friend were trying to entertain ourselves by trying to find the Empire State building and we found it. We finally got out of the bus. As soon as I walked out that bus, I felt like I had just caught a bad case of hunger.  We got inside a big building. We had to split the class in order to go through the elevators. The Brain Pop Studios was on the 17th floor. It didn't take long to get there.

When we got to the 17th floor we could see the astudios were made with a lot of money. While we passed by the workers of BrainPop, we saw that one of the workers  had a bouncy ball to bounce on. What really surprised me was that all the workers had a room with bean bag chairs,movies, and even a Kinect  Box, an and X Box. But the Tour guide told me no one rarely went there.

Next, we saw the cafeteria, which increased my bad case of hunger. Then we moved on to a private room. The walls were made of glass but no one would know what you were talking about if they weren't in the room. So if your out of the room, you could see them, just not hear them.

My favorite part of the trip was making the storyboard, because when we were making the storyboard we all had wacky ideas. One kid said, “ Moby is General Washington crossing the Delaware, with his loyal subjects, until he sees King George with his dancing army. So then, Moby puts on his radio and starts dancing. That's how Moby Washington stopped the Revolutionary War.” That was a really funny one. We had and artist sort of draw a comic strip. He drew Moby with his loyal subjects,with King George an his dancing army. After that we were pretty much done with the trip. We went on the bus back to school, an the rest of the evening went on back to normal. I kept on thinking how much fun we had there.

I had a lot of fun at the BrainPop Studios, and I cant wait to go there again! It was one of the best trips ever!   

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  My Blog        

By Aroob

I just read an amazing blog called Popcorn Fridays by Sage. When I read it, it reminded me about Popcorn Day,  and according to Popcorn Fridays it says “So every Friday at school, our vice-principal pops up popcorn for everybody” , and it reminded me because on Popcorn Day we also get popcorn to eat. It sort of is like a popcorn party.

I love popcorn. Everyone goes nuts in the house for popcorn! In 5 seconds everyone is running to my mom  and starts to take out bowls and within the next 5 minutes all the popcorn is gone. You might want to be fast when you get the popcorn otherwise you'll be left with no popcorn at all. Once, I was taking a shower and then when I came out, my brother and sister were eating popcorn and there wasn't any left for me. According to Popcorn Fridays it says “It is a perfect balance of butter and salt, with a crunch”. Reading this makes me so hungry.  I guess since two people in the family love popcorn there is none left for everyone else to eat.  

Once when I finally got to  get some popcorn tried to find out what the popcorn looked like. Most of them look like octopuses.  I think trying to find out what they look like makes the popcorn a bit fun to play with. Sometimes if I want to have a bit more fun, I ask my brother what he thinks it looks like. The way I see popcorn is little white soft things that have a brown hard thing in the middle and when you start to chew on it, it tastes like a cloud with a few crunches in it. Its hard to find something that is like a cloud with a few crunches in the middle.

Another thing I like to do with popcorn is to find out what they really taste like. Once when I was eating popcorn, it tasted salty, chewy with a few crunches in between. Once we had gotten a new bow of popcorn and we opened it up and tasted it, no really liked it because it tasted sweet not salty.  I love popcorn.

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Article posted April 24, 2012 at 11:59 PM GMT0 • comment (9) • Reads 240


New York                         

Hi,my name is Aroob and I love New York. I’ve been to Macy's, M&M World, and Manhattan. All these places are what makes New York special.

I love New York because we have the most malls! When I come to  Macy's (my favorite mall) I could just smell all the food. It makes me hungry. Every time we go to Macy's we always buy pretzels or pretzel bits. They taste better than any other pretzel in the world. Next, my mom and I check out all the stores like, Claire’s, Justice, Children's Place,and Build-A-Bear Workshop. Even though there are so many wonderful shops, I love going to Build-A-Bear Workshop. But, that's another story. This is why I love New York.

I love New York because of M&M World. M&M  World is the best place to be. Once, when I  went to M&M World, one sniff out of the air and it smelled just like the real M&M’s. I looked around. I saw a fan-water spray. I really wanted it but my dad told me to get it in the summer. Then I thought for a second. “Yeah,” I thought, ”it wouldn't make sense to get a fan-water spray in the middle of winter.” So then we went walking along. Then I saw pens and pencils! I also saw a pillow saying, “M&M World”. I asked my dad, “Can I get a pillow?” He said, “I’ll think about it.” I was so relieved he didn't say no. Then we went walking along again. Then my father asked if I wanted to get a M&M World T-shirt but I said no. Then I saw a mug with the green M&M. I really wanted it and I got it. Then I saw some M&M chapstick. And I bought that too. When we got back home I opened up the chapstick and I could smell the chocolate all over again.This why I love New York.

I love New York because of Manhattan. Once I went to  Manhattan and saw all the shops. I was walking for about 5 minutes, until I could smell every food. About 10 minutes later I got famished. The food I had smelled for only 10 minutes made me feel like I hadn't eaten for a whole week! And I just had lunch! Anyway, it’s not the food that makes Manhattan the best, it’s the way it glows in the dark! You may be thinking,”Oh, I never knew that Manhattan glowed in the dark”, but the thing is, because of the night, Manhattan’s lights make the city look as beautiful as a diamond necklace. At night, in our car I saw so many lights from shops, restaurants, and parking lot lights. I was looking at the Empire State Building and it was so beautiful. When you look at it, it makes you almost want to cry.  This is why I love New York.

New York is a beautiful place to live, and it is very unique from other states of the U.S. I love New York.

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Article posted March 8, 2012 at 03:12 AM GMT0 • comment • Reads 645

Bud not buddy

Everybody needs a family. In the book, Bud, Not Buddy,Bud the main character tries to find his family after his mother dies. Everybody needs a family to give you food everyday, take care of you when you are sad, and to love you. You wont have anyone to care for you if you don't have a family.

Everybody needs a family to give them food everyday. As it says in the book, Bud,Not Buddy, Bud didn't have much food to eat on his journey to find his family. The only place he could eat was at the Mission which ends at 7:00 am. This shows me that you really need a family to give you food otherwise you wont survive.

Everybody needs family to take care of you when you are sad. According to Bud Not Buddy, Bud went to is mothers funeral. As it says in the book” But the tears coming out doesn't happen to me anymore, I don't know when it first happened but it seems like my eyes don't cry no more.“ This tells me that Bud just cant cry any more.

Everybody needs a family to love them. In Bud not Buddy,Buds mother loves him very much ,but after his mothers death he was taken to an orphanage. He had gotten a new home but those who lived there did not have much empathy for him. He was locked the foster home shed and then was stung by hornets after what he thought was a bat was actually a hornets nest. Then he ran away from the foster home and then was on the lam until he found his grandfather who he thought was his father. And that was when he finally found his real family that actually loved him. This tells me that Bud took a really long time to find his real family.

 Everybody needs family. Everyone has their own special family to make them happy and safe.

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Article posted February 1, 2012 at 02:47 AM GMT0 • comment • Reads 557

One afternoon Star flower went over to the river in the forest to get water for the stew her mother was making. Star flower was a Native American, part of the Seneca tribe. The water that Star flower was getting was to be fed to her sister, Sunshine. Sunshine had a disease called small pox which was very common at the time. Many children lost their parents, and some parents lost their children. Already Star flower’s grandmother had died because of small pox. Star Flower’s hope about curing her sister had now dropped down so low that it almost wasn’t there. Back then there was no cure that anyone had heard of to get rid of small pox.

Each day Star flower would go check on her sister just to make sure she was alright. But everything wasn’t alright. Each day Sunshine’s strength grew weaker and weaker. That night while Sunshine was sleeping, Star flower put a short and slightly heavy stick on Sunshine’s forehead. That's how the Indians used to make the weak stronger. It helped Sunshine the next morning and Star flower kept on doing this each day until Sunshine’s disease had rubbed off of her. Star flower lied down on her bed with a bad case of small pox, and this time it was even more serious. ”Star flower wake up! Please!,“ Sunshine’s voice cracked as tears ran across her face. ”Sister wake up! Just wake up already!!!“ Sunshine screamed. Then Merry Rose (Sunshine and Star flowers mother) came and told Sunshine gently, ”Sunshine, be quiet, your sister is fighting the disease in her body.“ Sunshine obeyed her mother and walked outside.

Sunshine decided to go get water for her sister, so Sunshine went to get a bucket and some water by the river for her sister when she saw a wolf creep slowly toward her. Sunshine looked very closely at the wolf, she was a little scared.She sat down and bowed at the wolf.Bowing to animals was considered great respect because the Indians thought that all animals were spirits.The great wolf looked at Sunshine but didn’t do anything. Then Sunshine stood and walked towards her house with the water for her sister thinking suspiciously about the wolf and how it looked at her.

”Mother, do you know anyone who could cure Star flower?,“ Sunshine asked.

” No Sunshine, and I don’t think anyone knows the cure to this disease. Most people don’t survive this disease but you did. The Great Spirit has saved you! I hope he saves Star flower.“ Merry Rose replied. Star flowers body was very cold and weak. She could barely even breathe. She would never open her eyes or eat anything. She rarely even got out of her bed! Each day Merry Rose went over to Star flower and blew on her face. Sunshine did same. Merry Rose and Sunshine both prayed for Star flower. They did everything to help her but each day her disease grew worse and worse and worse. And the more the disease grew stronger, Sunshine and Merry Rose grew very, very worried.

One day they carried Star flower down to the river in the forest. They were very sad that Star flower would not be able to survive her disease. By this time Merry Rose had caught small pox too.They saw the great wolf there. Sunshine bowed and brought Merry Rose and Star flower by the wolf. Then Sunshine ran away to get some water.

Sunshine came back to the wolf with two buckets of water. One bucket was for her family and the other bucket was for the wolf. This was an offering for the wolf and if the wolf accepted the offer she would help Merry Rose and Star flower. The wolf decided that she should help the family. She walked in circles and sniffed each of them. She started licking their faces until the small pox starting to disappear. It was just a miracle. Sunshine couldn't believe what she saw. Her eyes filled with tears of joy. They were all pleased with what the wolf had done.They bowed to the wolf. Then they all thanked the wolf and went home and from that day on, Sunshine, Star flower and Merry Rose cherished the wolf.

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Article posted January 13, 2012 at 01:43 AM GMT0 • comment • Reads 500

Since each year we have a New years Eve, we need to select a goal so we can fit in with the rest of the year. I want to know what I need to work on and what I already have done. My old goals were: improving my reading skills, adjusting the time I need for practicing my instrument, and finally, improving my multiplication and division skills.

I reached the first goal and the last goal. I did not complete the middle goal because: I am more interested in knowing what we have for homework than playing my instrument. I also don’t want to sit around and play my instrument while my little brother and sister are watching a movie. And I always say that when I am busy ”Playing my instrument is not important. Maybe I’ll do it some other day.“

So remember how I said those things that show why I failed my goal? So we are going to get more of those details. Lets start with the first reason and I will explain them all as we go down. Well it says here that I really am not interested in playing my instrument and here’s why: Every time I play my instrument I just picture something in my head and don’t concentrate on what I need to work on. Or maybe I would just play a made up tune instead of playing the song that Mr.Bligh assigned. I loose my interest in what I am playing because it is boring. I like playing the songs Mr.Bligh assigned, but it is more exciting playing your instrument with the whole band and orchestra than playing it by yourself. The second reason says that I don’t like it when my little brother and little sister are watching a movie and I can’t watch because I have to play my instrument. Here’s why: I get distracted when I hear them laughing and when I hear the TV I could replay the whole entire scene in my head and then I just forget what I am doing and then I just sit there and stare into space. And when I sit there just staring in space I would want someone to tell me that I should be paying attention to my instrument. The third reason was ”Playing my instrument is not important. Maybe I’ll do it some other day.“ And here is why: Remember when I told you that I think that playing my instrument is really un-interesting because it boring. And I really don’t want to waste my time playing my instrument while I hear other people laughing and having a great time. I don’t want to have anyone to tell me not to have quality time with my family. For some reason I usually do the spending-more-time-with-my-family thing before I do any work. I think that it would be better to enjoy the holidays with your family than do work and not have any time to have fun.

I’ll start by talking about the new goals I have set. I have set two goals. One is to not be shy. I picked this goal because: I always think that everyone will make fun of me if I get an answer wrong. Another is to make new friends. I want to make new friends because I don’t have enough because all of them are at lunch lessons.

If I were to pick a favorite goal it would be to learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow. I picked this goal for a specific reason, and that reason is that I don’t want to learn how to shoot a gun, or a rifle or anything that includes metal and bullets. If you have an arrow, you can test it out to see which is the best. You can’t do that with a gun. You can shoot to see how fast they go, but you can’t pick a bullet because once you’ve used it, it’s gone. But you can do that with an arrow. There are so many things that bows and arrows can do.

Now that I have perfected the things I need to work, I need to focus on achieving them. I think that this years goals were the best yet!!!

By: AroobDD

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Article posted November 28, 2011 at 03:08 AM GMT0 • comment (1) • Reads 704

Science in Action Blog

A long time ago...we had panthers living on Long Island but not any more. We are going to learn what happened to those panthers. Lets look at an animal food web first. When an animal is eliminated from the food web then anything that eats it gets affected. For example: if bugs die then the spider wont have anything to eat. If the spiders do not have anything to eat then the spiders will die. Birds eat spiders and if spiders die it will affect the birds. Just from taking one animal away from the food web can make a big difference in all the other animals.

Now lets look at what happened to the panthers that lived on Long Island. Panthers live in forests, swamps and grasslands. When humans first settled here they took down trees to build their houses. They were scared of the panthers so they started hunting them. Humans destroyed panthers habitat which affected their food web. The panthers either had to move or be killed. Panthers had to adapt to this change in their habitat. That’s why we don’t see any panthers living on Long Island any more.



A panther is a carnivore. Its diet consists of large mammals including deer and also smaller animals like rabbits and birds. In fact panthers eat anything that moves. If we eliminate panther from food web there will be an ample amount of animals. For example: there are a lot of deer and rabbits here. Deer eat plants and can damage farms. Rabbits eat grass and also eat plants. Rabbits can destroy farms just like deer. There are no panthers to hunt them down.

We can let them live here. We can make a national preserve built for the panthers. There will be a fence around it just so they don’t escape or hurt anybody. That may be the only way if you want the panthers to live here.

In conclusion, if you take an animal out of the food web it will affect the other animals and plants.

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Article posted November 23, 2011 at 07:38 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 195

Article posted November 23, 2011 at 07:38 PM GMT0 • comment • Reads 195

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                                           A Movie to Remember


Last week I went to my cousin’s house for her birthday. She was turning 15! To celebrate her birthday we went to a movie theater in Hicksville. My best friend, Umema came too. We were buzzing like bees to watch “ Dolphin Tale”. We were just a bursting volcano!!! After we paid for the tickets we went to the Dolphin Tale room.


It was one of the saddest movies I have ever seen. It was about a dolphin named Winter who loved to swim. One day when fishermen came and put the net in the water to catch crabs, Winter got stuck and she swam away with the net still on her. She came near the seashore where a boy named Sawyer and a fisherman saw her. They called the animal doctors who came and put her in a truck and sprayed some water on her.


They brought her to an Aquarium and checked her for scratches. Winter’s tail got infected from having the rope on her. It was too infected so they had to cut her tail off. I almost started to cry when I saw that. I think it really hurts. She could still swim but it was the wrong way for dolphins to swim. They tried 3 different types of rubber tails on her. She hated and destroyed the first two tails. Then the Doctors made a gel type tail that she really liked. They were all finally happy.  You can actually see Winter in Sea World, Florida.


The movie ended around midnight. We were very exhausted when we got back. I would really give this movie four stars. This movie is really a movie to remember.


               BY AROOB

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Article posted September 23, 2011 at 01:44 AM GMT0 • comment (5) • Reads 572

The important thing about Aroob is that she is in advanced class in Sunday school.

She used to have pet fish.

She has a DSI that she loves to play with.

Her family came from Asia.

She has a brother and a sister.

Her favorite singer is Selena Gomez.

She has lots of BFFs.

But the important thing about Aroob is that she is in advanced class in her Sunday school.

Article posted September 23, 2011 at 01:44 AM GMT0 • comment (5) • Reads 572

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