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I just read a really good blog “My Vacation” By: Catherine. In her blog she had said” Overall, I had quite a boring vacation but I rather stay home than go out”. She said that because she didn’t get to do what she wanted to do. This reminded me of the vacation I didn’t get to do what I wanted. This is what happened. One summer break, me and my brother were planning to go to a camp called “Camp Mosaic”, but my mom and dad told us that one of my cousins, Aditya, was coming to New York from Switzerland. He was going to stay with us. We were happy that he was staying over at our house, but we were also sad that we couldn’t go to the camp. I remember going to Switzerland to his house last summer. We had an awesome time, meeting people, looking at some new places, playing games, etc. We were looking forward to having the same fun again. We also went to the mall and did lots of shopping. Also we went to restaurants and celebrate parties. Everyday was a late night and morning started at noon. It was like we were teenagers. We didn’t do all of this in years. We all loved the experience of going outside.All of us had a awesome time. It was really fun with my cousin because if my cousin wasn't there , all this wouldn’t have been possible. It was time that my cousin had to leave New York. Everyone was so sad. Even though I didn’t get to go the camp , I still had an amazing summer break. We are looking forward to having such a great time again.

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