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Wonderful Places To Visit In New York

New York is one of the busiest cities in America. Millions of tourists come every year to see our attractions. There are many great places to visit in New York. Here are three of my most favorite places, The Statue of Liberty, Ground Zero and Madison Square Garden. My first favorite place is The Statue of Liberty. The Statue of Liberty was a gift from the people of France to the people of America as a token of friendship. It is a universal symbol of freedom and democracy. The Statue of Liberty was dedicated on October 28, 1886. It was designated as a National Monument in 1924. The Statue of Liberty was restored for her centennial on July 4,1986. The Statue of Liberty is the symbol of freedom to all Americans. If you go on the boat that lets you see The Statue of Liberty you can see the great view of the light green statue and you can see the yellow and orange torch. You can also go up to The Statue of Liberty.It takes you up there by elevators. This is why I like The Statue of Liberty. My second favorite place is Ground Zero. Ground Zero was once known as the Twin Towers. It is called Ground Zero because on 9/11 the Twin Towers got destroyed by the terrorist attack and there is nothing left now so now it is called Ground Zero. There is a special remembrance and honor for the men and women and children who were killed on September 11,2001. This event is the most depressing to everyone. It is my favorite important place. My third favorite place is Madison Square Garden. I like Madison Square Garden because you can go to concerts, hockey , basketball games and wrestling matches. You can go to many shows and do many activities there. Also Madison Square Garden was newly renovated last year where New York Knicks #7 Carmelo Anthony was seen helping the crew in hard hat. Also, it is widely known as the Mecca of basketball. Madison Square is a really fun place.This is why I like Madison Square Garden. New York is full of tourist attractions and lots of fun and exciting places to go to. I feel so lucky to live in New York!

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