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The essay is about the effects of eliminating a part of the food web. The food web is very important in an animals life. Their life depends upon the food web and their habitat.
Panthers are usually found in Asia, Africa and America. The common habitat of panthers are deserts and forests. Panthers use to be found in Long Island long ago. Long Island use to be a remote place. Gradually people started settling in Long Island and killing Panthers and their habitat. Now Long Island is a crowed place , full of houses and people so you don’t find panthers in Long Island any more.
Panthers are carnivorous animals and they eat big animals like deer, but they also eat small animals like rabbits and birds.
If panthers are removed from the food web, there would be lots of changes in the food web.
1.The animals that eat the panthers will die.
2. There would be an over population of mammals like rabbit, birds and deers.
3. Because of the over population of mammals,there wouldn’t enough food for the animals due to which, they will die.The whole cycle will get disturbed.
It is not possible for people to live with panthers.Since, they are carnivorous, they are very dangerous and they can harm humans and pets very easily. They can destroy people’s houses and lawns. People’s life would be in danger if panthers were living with them.Living with Panther would be very hazardous for a human life.
By the whole essay we have learned that eliminating one part of the food web effects the whole cycle of the food web.The life style of all the animals gets disturbed.


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