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Title: Hopes and Dreams Part 2 (12/18/11)
Description: 2012 is upon us and a new year gives us a great opportunity to reevaluate our goals. In September, you created goals and blogged about them in your Hopes and Dreams blog.

Go back to that blog now. What were your goals? How have you been working to reach them? Is this working for you? Have you reached your goal? If you have, then it is time to set new goals. If you haven't, then it is time to rethink how you will achieve your goal. Write a new Hopes and Dreams blog that will take you through the rest of this school year.

Think about these items:

1. What was your original goal? Did you reach it? Why or why not?

2. Do you have a new goal? If so, how will you achieve this new goal?

3. Are you keeping your old goal? What will you do differently to insure that you will reach this goal?

4. Write about at least two goals.

5. Write this as a personal essay. Give clear small moment examples about how you worked on a goal and the results of that work.

5. Be sure to stay focused and organized. Use exemplary voice and vocabulary. Keep your introduction and conclusion interesting.

6. Edit, edit, edit.

This blog is due on January 13th. Early submission must be in by January 6th.

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My Hopes and dreams.

In September I set goals. Now I am thinking of new ones. I am writing goals because it helps me learn what I have to work on. My goal us to be better at math.I did not achieved this goal.

I did not achive this goal because I do not like to do math.Another reason I did not achive this goal is that I tried to avoid all math workbooks at home.My last reason that I did not achive this goal is when I make a mistake I always get frustrated and go away.I think that I should work harder in math.

I had two goals that I had achieved.I achieved being a better listener and I achieved being a better reader.

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I have have started a very good school year.I have and had hopes and dreams. My old hopes and dreams were to read more(Which I achieved), Have self control(Which I did not achieved),and do my home work(Which I achieved).My new hope and dreams is to get better reading grades, always do my homework every day,and to have more friends.Those are my hopes and dreams. One of them are good grades.I have very good grades on my test.I try hard to get the questions on each test wright also I study hard so I can get the questions wright.the tests my teacher gives me are fun.They have you to write paragraphs, describe a bar chart, and more!

Another hopes and dreams is to do my homework every day.Also I will check it twice before I hand it in.Also I will study the answers I get wrong.When I’m

done with that I will ask my mom to test me.Those plans are ways to make my homework better. My Final hope and dreams is to have lots and lots of friends.I plan on doing that by filling their buckets.Also is they’re hurt, sad, sick, or lost.If you help them they will be your friends forever.Another is just be nice to them also caring.Those are my ideas to get lots and lots of friends. Those are my hopes and Dreams.Each and every one of them I work hard on.They help me learn what to do when it happens.They help me should I do it or not.

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Year 2012 is finally hear. I was on a vacation with my family during the end of the last year till the beginning of the year 2012. During my vacation, I forgot many important things that I learned in school. Now I’m more far from my goals. My goals of 2012 is, I want to improve in math ,reading and music.These are the goals that I want to improve in.

My First goal that I want to improve in is Math. Since, I’m not up to the expectation of my teacher,it has become my goal to make her happy and i will do that by playing Manga High everyday. I also want to improve in my math sheets. I have to practice on multiplication and division problems too. I want to work on word problems more.I really have to concentrate on my fractions and how to add and subtract them.I want to learn how to multiply with big numbers.

My second goal is that I want to become an expert Reader.I will do that by reading regularly at least an hour. I will have to know more about the character’s traits. I need to focus on what am I reading about. I have to make sure, that I read my post-it, before I put it on the book. I have to re-read so that I am not missing any important point. I have to work on understanding, what the author is trying to say. I also need to understand the moral of the story.I will make sure that I take all the necessary steps towards achieving my goal.

My third goal is that I want to create my own music one day. For that i have to practice everyday.I will also practice my notes,so that I know them by hard. I want to memorize my songs by playing them more often. Since, I missed three weeks of music i think I am far behind in music I want to play my cello more often. I want to be really good at my cello, so I can join Nissma. I want to improve on my scales. I want to make sure that I am bowing on the right string. I want to know that I am playing the right notes.

These are my 2012 goals. Since, I have already taken steps towards achieving my goals,I hope my dreams come true.

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   We started hopes and dreams at the beginning of the school year. The hopes and dreams were there to make us better at things were we are not good at. The New year has begun and  is time to see how we are doing and how we can be better. Now we can  look back at our old gaols and see how we were doing then and compare how we are doing now. The goals I had  at the beginning of the school year were to go to school on time more often, become a better reader and to have better self control.


   My first original goal was to go to school on time more often which has been achieved,it took hard work to do it . To achieve that goal I said in my first hopes and dreams essay, that I would go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. But after a couple of days of  trying I saw that it wasn’t working.Then my mom told me that  I need to eat  earlier. So after that conversation I started to do that. Turns out she was right!! I was waking up every day with no problem what so ever. That's when I knew that this goal was going to be achieved.


  My second original goal was to become a better reader which I’m still working on. But I am trying.To prove that I will tell you that during Christmas break my mom gave me  a book about the time wen the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994,although I am only interested in fiction books I decided to give it a try, and I can really say I enjoy it!!! It was a bit difficult to read some of the names of the players because back then the Rangers had some players from Russia,some from Finland and those names were hard to read for me, but I had my mom telling me how to pronounce it (my parents were there at Madison square Garden the night they won the cup). Know Ii know that if you want to line reading even more you have to do two things. 1 is to always pick at book that you like and 2 is to make sure that it is just right for you.

   My third original goal was to have better self control and I can happily said I achieved it!! I must say that it was hard to pass because when something good happens always get over excited.  But I learned that I should be happy but not too happy. Another thing that was that I sometimes played in my desk by writing stuff on my post-its. But I learned that If you listened to the teacher you will always do good. So that was what I did to achieve that goal.

  My new goal that I am going to achieved is that I will never forget my stuff at school. To achieve that goal I am going to look in my bag every time I am at car-pool to see that I  have everything in my bag so when I do forget something I can just go back instead of having do drive back.

  Now with new goals,new ways to achieve those goal I think that every goal will be achieved in no time because i will work hard to achieved those GOALS=http://=http://!

                !THE END!

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   My Hopes and Dreams for 2012

I like writing goals so  can become better through out the year.  In September my goals were to become a better reader, learn more division, and be faster in math.     I achieved all of my goals.

I achieved the goal, being a better reader by reading at least 30 minutes or more.  Just by doing that I moved from a level S to a level W, that is 4 levels!  

I achieved  the goal, learn more division by doing a sheet of division everyday.  Now I am on G division in math facts.  My division really improved.

I achieved the goal, being faster in math by telling my mom to write 40 math questions on a paper and time me a minute to do it.  Now in my whole class I am the highest level in math facts because I never failed one test so now I am on division G.

Now that I have told you my goals I am going to tell you about my new goals for the new year, 2012.  For 2012 my goals are to still become a better reader because I want to get to level Z.  Some other goals are, to be a better artist, athlete, and to be better at science.  I hope I achieve all my new goals.

To achieve the goal, become a better reader I can read harder books and read at least 45 minutes a day. I hope doing that helps me go up more levels.

To achieve the goal, being a better artist I can buy a sketch book and a paint set so when I have free time I can draw what ever I want in it.  I hope doing that will help achieve this goal.

To achieve, being a better athlete I can play sports more often and do exercises at home.  I hope doing that will help me achieve my goal.

My last goal that I want to achieve is, being better at science.  I can achieve this goal by getting a science kit and doing experiments at home so I can see things that happen when I do the experiments.  

Those were my new goal for 2012.  I hope I achieve all 4 of my goals, but it will all be hard work but on the other hand, it would be worth it.  

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Hopes and Dream

We are making hopes and dreams because we are starting to get a new year. This also encourages us to achieve our goal because we want to try to get better at our goals we set

My goals were to play basketball a better reader and be a better writer. I couldn't achieve being a really good basketball player but i achieve of making 3 shots in a row. However i still didn’t do 30 minutes of practice every weekend.

I couldn't achieve the goal because i was always doing some work or sometimes we go some where. Sometimes I go to play at my friends house or when i go to my uncles and sleep there for the night.

My other goal was to be a better reader. I try to read every day 30 min but i didn't achieve that. I really am used to reading 30 min on the weekdays.Then was, i try to read one level higher i don’t do that sometimes i read too high of a level.Last was trying to read interesting books, i don’t pick interesting books.

I really am used to reading 30 min on the weekdays on weekend i have fun and then i don’t read.when i said my goal was to read one level higher, i don’t read one level higher book, i read too high level books. And last but not least, picking interesting books are hard because there are not that good books, usually the high leveled books are interesting.

I am going to try to reach all of these goals. I think i need to try to think about my goals not just forget about it. This is my Hopes and Dreams!


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Since each year we have a New years Eve, we need to select a goal so we can fit in with the rest of the year. I want to know what I need to work on and what I already have done. My old goals were: improving my reading skills, adjusting the time I need for practicing my instrument, and finally, improving my multiplication and division skills.

I reached the first goal and the last goal. I did not complete the middle goal because: I am more interested in knowing what we have for homework than playing my instrument. I also don’t want to sit around and play my instrument while my little brother and sister are watching a movie. And I always say that when I am busy ”Playing my instrument is not important. Maybe I’ll do it some other day.“

So remember how I said those things that show why I failed my goal? So we are going to get more of those details. Lets start with the first reason and I will explain them all as we go down. Well it says here that I really am not interested in playing my instrument and here’s why: Every time I play my instrument I just picture something in my head and don’t concentrate on what I need to work on. Or maybe I would just play a made up tune instead of playing the song that Mr.Bligh assigned. I loose my interest in what I am playing because it is boring. I like playing the songs Mr.Bligh assigned, but it is more exciting playing your instrument with the whole band and orchestra than playing it by yourself. The second reason says that I don’t like it when my little brother and little sister are watching a movie and I can’t watch because I have to play my instrument. Here’s why: I get distracted when I hear them laughing and when I hear the TV I could replay the whole entire scene in my head and then I just forget what I am doing and then I just sit there and stare into space. And when I sit there just staring in space I would want someone to tell me that I should be paying attention to my instrument. The third reason was ”Playing my instrument is not important. Maybe I’ll do it some other day.“ And here is why: Remember when I told you that I think that playing my instrument is really un-interesting because it boring. And I really don’t want to waste my time playing my instrument while I hear other people laughing and having a great time. I don’t want to have anyone to tell me not to have quality time with my family. For some reason I usually do the spending-more-time-with-my-family thing before I do any work. I think that it would be better to enjoy the holidays with your family than do work and not have any time to have fun.

I’ll start by talking about the new goals I have set. I have set two goals. One is to not be shy. I picked this goal because: I always think that everyone will make fun of me if I get an answer wrong. Another is to make new friends. I want to make new friends because I don’t have enough because all of them are at lunch lessons.

If I were to pick a favorite goal it would be to learn how to shoot with a bow and arrow. I picked this goal for a specific reason, and that reason is that I don’t want to learn how to shoot a gun, or a rifle or anything that includes metal and bullets. If you have an arrow, you can test it out to see which is the best. You can’t do that with a gun. You can shoot to see how fast they go, but you can’t pick a bullet because once you’ve used it, it’s gone. But you can do that with an arrow. There are so many things that bows and arrows can do.

Now that I have perfected the things I need to work, I need to focus on achieving them. I think that this years goals were the best yet!!!

By: AroobDD

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We have set goals in September and we have been working hard to achieve these goals. Now 2011 has passed and everyone is trying to be get accustomed to the new year. I have had goals in September which are learning about animals, technology and reading more.

My goal of learning more about technology was successfully acheived. I achieved this goal by learning about websites and new shortcuts with the keys on the keyboard. Mrs.Parisi helped me achieve this goal by letting my class use laptops and showed my class websites. We are able to learn by playing fun math games and typing up biographies and blogs.

Learning about animals was also successfully completed. I did this by looking into books and researching on the computer. My mom helped me by assigning me projects to work on about animals. She also gave me some time to research animals I never known. I really want to learn about animals because I want to be a zoologist when I grow up and I think this will help.

One goal I was so close to achieveing was to read 30 minutes every day. I didn’t achieve this goal because I don’t read 30 minutes every day, only sometimes. Mrs.Parisi always says "Don't be a clock watcher."

A new goal I have is to be more artistic. I am setting this goal because I want to be able to value my work and other people could also value my work. Another new goal I have is to be more honest . I want to be more honest because being honest gets people into less trouble. It also allows people to trust you. Last, a new goal I have is to read directions more carefully. I want to read directions more carefully because I can understand things better. This is a new year that will give me more time to achieve these goals. I am hoping to achieve my goals this year!

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In September I set what I thought were realistic goals for myself. When I checked back to my Hopes and Dreams blog from September, my goals were to get better grades, to read more, and to improve my math skills. I thought, “Of course I reached my goals”. However, after looking back on my goals, I realized maybe I wasn’t one hundred percent successful.

I have been working on getting better grades by improving my effort. I really want to get all “4’s” on my report card. I’ll have to wait until March to see if I can succeed at this goal.

I have reached my goal of reading more by reading more often. I would sit on my flowered comforter quietly in my room with a reading goal in mind. Surprisingly time would fly by. All of a sudden my Mom was calling me for dinner and I realized I had gone ahead of my goal.

I have tried to reach my math goal by studying flashcards. I have gotten all forty of my math blaster problems correct. I feel I have reached my reading and math goals for the short term. but I know I cannot take a break because the ELA test will be here in April.

My new goal is to try to increase my effort. I will achieve this goal by trying harder and paying closer attention. Focusing on the tasks and challenges will be an area which I can improve. My second new goal is to practice my instrument three times a week. My instrument is the Bass. It is a very large and awkward instrument to take out. Now we have moved my instrument and the music stand to a more accessible location so I can play more often. I am going to try to play my instrument as soon as I get home from school. I will practice, practice, practice! I’m sure Ms. Lanuto will notice.

I know I can achieve my goal of getting better grades if I put in the extra effort. Effort will also help me reach my goal of mastering my instrument.

I am ready for this challenge in 2012!

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My goal at the start of the school year was to become a better student. I hoped to become a better student by becoming a better reader and by improving my cursive hand writing.

In order to reach these goals, I have been trying to read books at my reading level. Also, I have been trying to read everyday for a half an hour. I also started using post-its when reading to make notes about the story. For example, when I was reading the book Pedro’s journal I made smart predictions about the time period. Since I have not moved up a reading level I do not think that I have accomplished my goal as yet. In order to reach my goal, I plan on making a bigger effort to read daily and read gradually higher reading level books. I will use post-its more often and read aloud at home to improve my fluency and accuracy.

I do not write in cursive every day and have not worked enough on the goal of improving my cursive. I hope to start writing my homework in cursive so that I can get more practice.

For the rest of the school year, I will make more effort on becoming a better reader and improving my cursive writing. I will also fill out my reading log daily and double check my work for mistakes. I will also to be more organized at school.

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Cole’s goals for 4th grade

In September everyone in Mrs.Parisi’s class made goals . We made these

goals to be better, and know what to accomplish in the future. Without goals we would not know what to look forward to when we are older and how to know what we need to work on. My goals are to be able to wake up on time for School, to be a better reader and to be better at math and to know my math facts quicker then I do.

Waking up earlier .One of my goals are to be able to wake up in the morning with no problems and get to school on time. How I achieved this goal is that now in the morning there is band , intermerals and human relations club. To get up for band is pretty easy I like playing my instrument and I have no choice to go or not. Intermerals is another word for gym and i am a gym person creating more gym well that was a great idea. For human relations club i am helping the world and it is just another club where i can hang out with my friends.

Being a better reader .one is my goals is to be a better reader is not easy but i am doing i well every night I read an extra couple of minutes. Now i post- it more and i have a partner to discuss stuff with. And when we are in groups i am pushing myself to talk more and get into the conversation. When i do all these things and set strategies for myself that's how i know that i am getting better at reading.

Doing my math facts quicker and being a better math student is easy. Now that the teacher explains more on what we are doing and how to do it. Another reason is that the problems are easier that now i know my multiplication facts and i use what i know to get to what i don’t know . And the same thing with reading if i push myself into conversations more i will get it more and know what to work on.

The goals that i set for myself this year all got accomplished . I am very happy about that my teacher helped me along with allot of these goals and i achieved them all. that is my fourth grade goals. i am very glad i can set new goals for me to work on know. The easiest goal for me to accomplish this year is waking up early. the hardest goal to accomplish is math and knowing my facts quicker.

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When goals are created, it helps us to improve  ourselves.Two of the goals I created,  I’ve have been working hard on from the beginning of the school year. I’ve been working on doing math quicker.   Also, I’ve been working on  becoming a better reader. I have a goal that I really wasn’t working on. That goal is to become neater in writing.  

    I have reached my goal of doing math quicker.  I am able to do rocket math quicker than in the past. Also, I moved from addition to subtraction. I worked on my math goal by practicing hard every day.  One day, the TV was on while I was about to practice math. I asked my sister, “Can you lower the TV?” “No!” She replied. Should I go turn off the TV? Yes, I thought. I went and took the TV off because I didn’t want any distractions.  On that same day, I was able to finish my math practice quicker than the day before.


Also, I have improved on my reading goal.  I’ve moved up four levels in reading.  I would still like to improve further on my reading goal.  Therefore, I would like to improve on reading smoother. One day, my cousins were over and I was trying to focus on my reading. They were playing a Wii game. “Can you wait until I’m finished reading?” I asked. My cousin, Ajay said, “Fine.” My other cousin, didn’t  respond. I thought she was about to catch a fit. So, I went to play with them.

I  have a goal that I didn’t succeed in. Which is writing neater. I wasn’t really working on it. One time, I was doing homework and I had to go somewhere, so I ended up  writing very sloppy. Then I thought, I should  rewrite this and make it neater.  My dad said, “Come on, we have to go.” I said, “Okay.”

I have a new goal, which is to improve in writing.   To improve in writing, I need to use more vocabulary words.  I also need to improve on my organization skills in writing.

I will be  keeping my old goal, which is to become a better reader. I will need to focus more on my reading.  I will need to improve on my fluency in reading. I would like to read less choppy. Also, I will continue to read as much as I can.  I hope, I am able to reach my goals.

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In September we had hopes and dreams.Which was important because I found ways to improve myself.Like being a better football player I did this by having catches with my friends and  get faster. My goals that I did not accomplish was to be a better writer. My reasons were because I don’t like writing as much as other subjects,I’m not good at spelling and Stories don’t come to me quickly. My last goals was to be a better reader I will do this by putting post its about stuuf I don't post like connections. Also I will read for a long time.

I don’t like writing as much as other subjects. When Mrs.Parisi says “It’s writing time,” I groan and think why I can’t be home right know.Also at home when my mom tells me to practice “why don’t you practice writing.” I pretend I have more home work or make another reason. I really don’t like writing.  

I am horrible at spelling . This makes writing hard for me because I have to keep erasing my words. I think does the i come first or the a,and this wastes my time and I spend my writing trying to figure out words. Then I got really behind and start panicking and barely finish.

Stories don’t come quickly to me so I take half an hour to think of a story. I just sit their tapping my pencil and trying to figure out a story, and trying to force myself to think of an idea.It takes me forever I just can’t think of ideas.

I will put post it about things I don't post it. To help me become a better reader. Like connections I really don't post them,beacuse I don't reconize when I shoud l post it connections. I will try to reconize when to post it connections.

Also I will read longer,wich will be easy since I like to read. I will read for at least one hour and post it everthing that needs to be post ited.

I will work on writing and reading by practicing all of the skills,and trying to make writing  more fun for myself. I hope to achieve these goals soon.   

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By Ryan


For the past couple of months we waited for the Holidays with great anticipation . We counted the days, made wish lists, daydreamed about the gifts we would get, and were full of excitement . Finally, the Holidays came and they were over in the blink of an eye. Just the same, the year 2011 is gone and a new year has begun. 2012 is finally here! I am excited about it because a New Year is a time to see what you did right and wrong. It gives you an opportunity to right many wrongs and it also gives you a chance for a fresh start. It is almost like you can start with a clean slate. At the beginning of this  school year I set three goals that I wanted to achieve. Those goals were to be a better reader, become a better writer and to have better self control. I have worked on them very hard but apparently not hard enough.

My original goal of becoming a better reader was nearly achieved (key word here is nearly). Every day as part of my reading homework, I would go to my room (so that my brother wouldn’t disturb me) and I would sit in my favorite corner, this big blue fluffy pillow on the floor. There I read many interesting books and some not so interesting.  I read different types of genres but especially nonfiction because it is challenging and helps me to learn new facts. When I read I try to get into the book I am reading, and not be a clock watcher.  Earlier, I said that I nearly achieved my goal for reading, so I want to continue to work on that.  Although I have moved up reading Levels, ( I am a level Y ) , I feel as if I need to work on understanding the book and character traits better.  I will achieve this by  re-reading sentences, posting more and reading lower level books to learn more about character traits.                                 

      My second goal of becoming a better writer was also not fully achieved. Sometimes if I get a new assignment I struggle to put my ideas on paper (although not as often as before). There have been times that I would stare at the blank piece of  paper without having a clue on what to write and then I would finally start writing something. Then I would get stuck and I would give up. A few minutes later I would start all over again, only to get stuck again. Finally, I get the work done, but it is not over because I have made careless mistakes(so I definitely have to work on this). I think that writing in the computer has help me a lot because I am able to revise my work quicker. So to continue to grow as a writer, I am going to try to keep a journal to help me to organize my thoughts. Also I will revise and edit my work more carefully.

     My third goal of having more self control, was not fully achieved either. Although I have improved, I am not there yet. When it was time to be at the rug, I used to not be able to stay still. Now I try my best not to distract others and not to speak when the teacher is teaching a lesson. I still need to work on not moving around the room so much and on not writing on people’s desks. I will achieve this by keeping a notebook in my desk where I can write or draw when I feel the urge to.

Since it is a New Year I am going to work very hard to achieve my goals. I also going to set a new goal to continue to improve for the remaining of the school year.  One of my new goals will be to get to school on time. To reach this objective I will go to sleep earlier and set my alarm clock.

In September our class set goals.  I am not sure if everyone actually fully achieved them  because I didn’t , but since it is the New Year I want another chance , and this time I want to meet every single one of my goals!


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Hopes and Dreams

In September, I created goals for myself in my Hopes and Dreams blog. I created goals for myself because I want to get better at them. My goals were to be a better writer and reader, and to make lots of science experiments.

The two goals that I reached are to become a better writer and reader. I reached being a better writer by writing in my diaries. I write stories and make up songs. I keep checking for spelling errors, and sometimes I ask my mom and dad for help. That’s how I’m improving in my writing. I’m improving in reading by reading advanced stories.I think some are over my level! Also, I read for a long periods of time when I’m very interested in the story. That’s how I reached my goal to become a better reader.

I didn’t reach my third goal to make lots of science experiments because I have a lot to do ( since my mom is making me go shopping with her, and I like to play sports). But I’m planning on doing more experiments.

I have two new goals for myself. One is to become more efficient in doing my homework. Sometimes I procrastinate, and it takes long time to complete my homework. I do that because my 5- year- old brother, Allen. He is in kindergarden and he plays a lot. I just can’t help thinking about playing with him, and then I can not concentrate! That is a goal I REALLY need to work on because he gets an oportunity to play more than I do. My other goal is to wake up earlier. I am picking this goal because I don’t like to wake up in the mornig. My mom already knows this, so she always makes breakfast first, and then wakes me up. But then we have to rush, so we are not late for school. But I think band rehersals Tuesday and Friday mornings are helping me a little bit. I have to wake up extra early ( 7:00 am) on those days.

I will keep my old goal to do more science experiments. I will ask some of my friends for ideas. I’m thinking of doing science experiments. I will ask some of my friends for ideas. I'm thinking of doing my science experiments on the weekends. Also, I can do it on school breaks and try to find the right material. ( Hopefully it'll be around my house.) Another idea I have is to try some experiments on the book my friend gave to me for her birthday. It has a lot of science experiments inside it. I know that because when it used to be in my room I liked to read it.           Now I'm ready to start working on my new goals! I hope I can reach all my goals by the end of the school year, so I can have new ones for the summer.



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