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by CristianDD teacher: Denton Dynamos
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ndreds of centuries ago panthers lived in Long Island. We destroyed there habitat when pilgrims came. that made a huge in the food web here . One change in the food web makes a huge difference that rued  the habitat.The reason why their  is no more panthers is all because they humans.We killed them we destroyed there had no were to live . The lucky panthers were baffled and scared about  us and swam off.Since they left and died there is alot of deer that made a huge difference in the food web. Because they grass lives on the sun and deer lived on grass and panthers ate deer .Because of that over population of deer we now have a hunting season for deer .If panthers were here we would have more grass because there would be less deer and we would not have a deer hunting season.I think we could still of lived with panthers if a brave group of people domesticated them. Now us the human race know learned that we should never of messed with the food web or ever will.




















Panthers don't live here any more because we settled here and and




We killed them because they were a threat to us.




if we didn't kill panthers  there be a normal to small population of deer. We


would have more grass also.


I think we could of still lived with panthers .If some one stared to


domesticate them only if a brave amount of people  risked there lives to do



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