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Title: Free Blog Inspired by David Adler (01/25/12)
Description: It was so exciting to listen to David Adler today. He really made us enthusiastic about writing. And as writers, we know that sometimes there is a difference between writing for yourself and writing for school. This blog assignment is a way to give you the freedom to choose your topic while still allowing me to see how well you write. So for this week, you may write about anything you wish.

Here are the parameters:

1. Make sure your topic is appropriate for school.

2. Be sure to stay focused and organized.

3. Be sure to use great language and voice. Use AID to help you elaborate.

4. Write for your audience. Make us really want to read your blog.

5. Have fun!

This assignment is due on February 7th. Early submission date is February 1st.

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                                                                  The black tip reef shark is the coolest shark.  It is a small species of shark. Some public aquariums may have one. If you are planning to keep one of these mighty beasts you will need a minimum of 1000 gallons of salt water, that’s a lot of water. You will need to put a teaspoon of salt every 5 gallons. You need to get the salt at your local pet store because regular kitchen salt will contaminate your tank and kill your fish. Nobody wants their fish to die.

   Your ph level will have to be 7.7-8.4 or else your shark will stop swimming and eventually die. Due to the fact their very sensitive to water pressure, they should have very little water pressure. Their natural habitat is shallow coral reef. That’s how they got their name - black tip reef shark. The habitat should be in clear water black tips hate cloudy water. That’s like a really foggy day for us.

       The black tip reef shark has a maximum size of 6 feet. The world record was 6.6 feet in length from.  From pup to adult they grow 5.cm each month. They should weigh around 100 pounds at full size. The black tip reef sharks have torpedo shaped bodies with a dorsal fin. On the top of the dorsal fin there is a black tip like in the name black tip reef shark.   An anal fin, bottom fins to help them steer and not tip over, if the family carcharhiniforms tips over the will die, the black tip is in this family. 5 gill slots, a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, a low broad head, alert eyes, and a caudal fin or a tail fin

     The black tip reef shark has a powerful bite of 30 square pounds or more that hurts. They feed on crustaceans, fish, squid, sea snakes, sea birds and cephalopods. Larger sharks such as great white sharks, swell sharks and the endangered close to extinct mako shark will often eat them. Black tips are quick sharks and will sometimes eat dead fish on the bottom of the sea. That’s how they can work in the food chain.
EN">Submerged swimmers are less likely to be bitten by the black tip reef shark than
 waders (waders-a type of bird)

mso-ansi-language:EN">    Black tips are found in the Pacific Ocean, coral reefs and sometimes in brackish fresh water if the are wandering

mso-ansi-language:EN">. Black tip are not considered endangered but there are many fisherman who get false hooks and end up either letting the shark go or making shar

mso-ansi-language:EN">k fin soup. Other people go to exotic places and go scuba diving with the sharks. Some people make creams and lotions out
of the shark. They use the blubber and guts.

  Mating season for the Black tip reef shark is during warm weather, so the babies can survive. The moms usually have 2-5 eggs usually all the eggs would survive. Unlike almost all fish, shark young swim on the bottom so the mom will know if they’re there. They usually stay in pack of 10 or more sharks so the will most of the time live with there young all there live. Not many fish actually do this

   Black tip reef sharks should live at temperatures of 76- 78 degrees Fahrenheit. When a Black Tip dies it sinks to the bottom of the ocean floor and is often eaten by Bottom Dweller Sharks, or it would be eaten by a black or white tip Reef Shark. That’s the saddest part of their life.

“That’s such a sad sight boo hoo!!!!!”- Cristian


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The Legend: There was a earthquake and this dragon was born from this special rock that holds the first dragon born.

Jake was finally nine so he could get a dragon. he wanted to get the dragon because it will help him and he will have fun training with it.One day in Dragon world Jake started climbing Mt. Draco, he thought, I am going to get the best , awesome, evil, looking Dragon. It’s going to be the best fighter .Better then Sprints and his gang, they always made fun of him or annoyed him. Jake finally reached the top. He checked to make sure that there was nothing dangerous around ,by citing the area like a hawk after its prey, finally he spotted a dragon. But before he picked it up, people started storming into the cave trying to pick up all the good dragons. After everyone ran out with smiles on their faces, Jake had his head held down and one trickling tear down his cheek. Jake took one more look at the cave . He saw one more dragon left and thought ,There is no Dragon that looks really strong, there’s just this little Dragon , not this big fierce, evil looking Dragon, its this puny, little Dragon. Jake sighed. Jake took the Dragon and went.

Sprint said “ That is the weakest Dragon I ever saw ” Sprint laughed so hard. Jake opened his mouth but no sound came out. Jake looked at Sprints Dragon. It looked really fierce. It’s not like Jake could change time. He had to live with this Dragon. So Jake stayed back so they don’t get into some fight.

Jake went home. Even though this was a weak Dragon he was still wondered about what type this Dragon is. Jake went to his closet. Jake opened a Dragon’s book to see what the Dragon type was. It didn’t have it. Then Jake remembered. The LEGENDARY Dragon book! Jake ran to the closet. He took it out and... Jake coughed. “So much dust”. He took all the dirt off and looked. He looked and looked and when he turned to the last page he read. This name is called a SlitherBack. It is a very rare, fierce, fighter. It can go faster then anything in the whole world. If you are a lucky one you may find this. It will be harder if it is small because it really doesn’t know that much. It would be easier if you have a fully grown SlitherBack. Jake already knew he had a small one so it was going to be hard. He read the rules of how to train the Dragon.

How to Train the Dragon

Step one: Teach it the basics first, like sit or roll over (if does not response use a snack)

Step two: Next teach it to fly

Step three: Teach it to catch fish or stick

Step four: Practice speed

Step five: Make sure at the end of these steps try telling it to breath Fire.

P.s. SlitherBack’s are fast learners with fire so don’t worry

Jake saw his Dragon’s eyes open. Jake went near him. Jake took him outside to play.Jake thought the name Blaze suited him. “come on Blaze sit sit” Blaze didn’t do anything. “ Come on boy, sit” Blaze did not sit. Then Jake took some Dragon snacks. “Sit”. Blaze sat. Jake was relived.

Jake looked at Step two. Step two: Next teach it to fly. Jake was not sure if Blaze was ready to fly but he just did it anyway. “Fly”. Blaze couldn’t do it. Even by the look in his eye he knew he did not know what fly even meant. Jake showed a example by flapping his arms. So Blaze did the same thing but could not do it. Jake thought Maybe his wing are not strong enough. So Jake and Blaze were flapping for the whole day. By the next week Blaze was souring through the sky.

Jake looked at the next step. Step three: Teach it to catch fish or a stick. Jake wanted to start with a stick because he thought it would be easier. So Jake threw the stick. “ Go get it” Blaze sat still. He was confused.

Jake ran and got the stick and ran back to show Blaze a example. Jake threw the stick. “Go get it” Blaze ran and got the stick and gave it back to Jake.It started getting late so they went to bed.

The next day they went again to train. Jake looked at the book. Step five: Make sure at the end of these steps try telling it to breath Fire. Jake said to the Dragon “ breath fire” Blaze did not do anything. Jake thought How am i going to show a example of breathing fire. Jake tried his best. For some reason the Dragon breathed fire. But then Jake remembered that it said that SlitherBacks learn breathing fire fast.

Jake and Blaze were training for 2 months. Blaze was perfect at everything. Jake was playing with Blaze when something in the book happen. The book was TALKING. it said “ The orb was stolen from the GREAT KING. It must not be returned. GIVE IT NOW! A hand came reaching out and tried getting Jake. But luckily the Dragon breathed fire on the book. Jake had no idea what was happening when... The Dragon said “Jake, I am here to protect you. There is monsters and creatures around you that will capture you. They are thinking that you have stole the orb. Jake careful when you wonder now.” Jake was so shocked that his Dragon could talk he could not even say one word. Jake then said to himself It’s just a dream It’s just a dream. “ It’s not a dream Jake” the dragon said. How does he read my mind. “ SlitherBack types could read minds. It was right in the book. It’s just that it is not visible to most humans eyes.Come with me to the Dragons Kingdom” Blaze said. Jake wondered where is the Kingdom? “Don’t worry it won’t be that far.” “ Could you really stop reading my mind.” “Fine, it’s just that you wonder so much about problems and it’s interesting, (Sometimes)”

Blaze said “go on my back” “your back’s not ” Jake was cut off and Blaze said “I almost forgot if you understand me then you probably could see where the kingdom is, here just concentrate and then look.Even though in the beginning i looked like I was not smart I’m actually very intelligent, I just don’t want to make it obvious to show i am so intelligent and i am a baby. People really should not know that i am super smart. Then they will be curious about us and try to capture us and take us somewhere. Jake got on his back ,then started to go

When they reached there it was amazing. He came to the great Dragon. Jake studied the Dragon then knew it was the same type as Blaze. Jake walked up to the Dragon. “Welcome, Jake you will need this sword to battle creatures. it will be important, here take it.” Jake stared at the sword. He had never was given to have a sword. Jake took it, then they left. Jake had to get the orb back!Then Jake wondered who would take it,then they went home.

The next day Jake went to get his sword. Jake then started to go to school. When he was walking he made sure he had his Dragon, Blaze. I should have brought him here. I don’t know what could be next. Jake still knew he had his sword. Jake kept on walking when... a unknown creature popped up saying “ Give the orb” “I don’t have it I’m just a boy why would i have such a powerful orb” “TELL ME WHERE THE ORB IS.” Jake took out his sword and almost killed the creature. Then it said “ I will get you” and then the creature went away. Jake was thinking what was the type of creature was it Blaze.I feel it was some type of ghost or maybe. Before Jake could finish his sentence Blaze said “ It was a mix of ghost and vampire.” Jake was so excited inside him. He was now safe because he has the Dragon. Finally they reached school.

The next day was when Jake would have to find the orb. Now he knew that the creatures want it because it is so powerful. It was Saturday, the weather was perfect. Jake left with his sword in his pocket and some water and sacks because Jake thought this was going to take a long time. He also had a navigator to track down the orb.They started running.

Jake got out his navigator. It first was pointing right so we kept going right for a long time when it said turn left, we were in forest. Then something popped up out of nowhere. Blaze said “ This is a spirit keeper. It holds souls.” Jake got terrified, he did not want to be dead. But he went anyway. He charged at the spirit keeper but it did not work because then he notice that was not the right one. He could some how see the real one and charged at it. Jake sliced it and then also notice THE DRAGON DID NOTHING TO HELP but Jake didn’t talk about it. They kept on walking.

They were walking and then saw this guy holding something shinny. Jake noticed it was the orb.Jake and his Dragon went and caught the guy but the guy was so fast. “ My name is crusher or called... The-person-of-destroying-life-guy.” Jake just thought this guy was weird. But he didn’t care he swished his sword when a sword came out crusher’s of his hat. He whacked but Jake blocked it and Jake swished but he blocked it, Jake did a move that was rare to do but he tryed. “Ahhhhh” and the guy died. Jake took the orb.

Jake went to the kingdom and returned the orb. “Here, your sword” said Jake“keep it.” The Dragon placed the orb in this pillow and put the orb the Dragon’s Palm and made everything light back up and gave powers back to the Dragons. Jake then left and then went home for bed. Jake couldn't wait for the next adventure.

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Hi, my name is Jackie, is it your first art class and you don’t know what type of equipment you need to use for art, then fallow these tips and you will be prepared to make great paintings and have a good art class!

Step 1.You must get brushes in all different shapes and sizes to get the right shape because when I went to my first art class I had this one thin brush, it helped with small insides but, it took me forever to fill in the big insides.

Step 2.You must get water color paint and acrylic paint to have a thick and thin kind of paint  (make sure to get all of the colors).

Step 3.You must get canvases, thick paper, and thin paper to make sure the paint does not go through the paper because your painting gets ruined and then you have to make another one.

Step 4.You must get oil pastels to make the colors in your painting look very smooth or you can make it look like a blurry painting.

Step 5.You must get a ruler, a pencil, and a eraser to edit your picture, make your lines strait, and put in extra lines to make your painting look interesting.

Step 6.You absolutely must get a color palette to micks your colors to make cool colors.

Step 7. You also absolutely must get a box and folder to hold your paint, brushes, paper, oil pastels, ruler, pencil, eraser, color palette and more because if you don’t you are going to end up holding every thing in your hands.

Step 8.You must get an easel to hold your painting paper on (a easel is a stand-CAUTION- LEAVE THE EASEL AT YOUR HOUSE).

Step 9.You don’t have to but you can get colored pencils to have lines in your picture and to make grass in your painting look extra cool.

Step 10.You must get charcoal pencils (black and white) to make things look shady or bright in your pictures also with the black you can make things look mysterious.

Step 11.You must all so get scissors to cut your paper or make your paper have a cool shape at the edge.

Now if you have all of these things then you are ready to go to your first art class. Also when you come back and you had a great art class be sure to comment.

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            Winter Vacation

            By: Nadia


On my winter vacation to a dude ranch, I went snow  tubing. This was my very first time. Even though there were several activities to participate in each day, snow tubing became my favorite.

Everyday, we got an early start. In the afternoon, we did indoor activities and in the morning we did outdoor activities. The most fun outdoor activity was snow tubing.

For this activity,  the ranch makes their own snow.  When I first got to the snow tubing area, I was surprised.  The hill appeared to be so high.  This made me excited.

We had to get on a line to participate.  The staff gave us instructions.  Then they gave us each a snow tube. I said, “I’m going first!” But, my mom said, “Let your dad go first.” So, my dad went first. At least, I got a blue snow tube which is my favorite color, I thought. We got inside one by one and then they pushed us down the hill.  When we got to the bottom of the hill, we had to come up back to the top of the hill with the snow tube.  I didn’t really like this part of the activity because we had to pull the snow tube up the hill and this was tiring.

This was my first time,  I went snow tubing.  It was a very interesting activity.  However, I don’t think kids should have to bring the snow tube back up the hill.  I do recommend this exciting activity for others to try.  I will certainly do this again.

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Turkish flight number Tk0720 landed at CTS international airport India. After 15 hours with my mom, dad, brother and baby sister, we finally landed. I was so thrilled to be on the ground. Now, I began to learn about my Indian culture.Firstly i saw all Indian women at the airport in sarees ,shalwar khameez with bindis on their forehead.I can’t wait to learn more about our Indian culture.

At my Uncles house, tasted many different Indian food( south Indian,North Indian) Of all the different dishes chicken tikka was my favourite. It’s delicious,but spicy. It burns your tongue with all the spices. I drank Thumbs Up a drink like coke but with less fizz in it . My favorite was the desert called Kulfi which is like ice cream but lot more sweeter.

I saw different kinds of beautiful clothes in India. I saw sarees and shalwar kameez. Sometimes in these types of clothing, they put beads or embroidery as a design.They make shalwar kameez and sarees are mostly made out of silk and cotton.The children wear clothes like us in New York. They wear jeans, T-shirts and dresses. When they go to weddings they would wear traditional clothes based on their culture or religion .

The most common majority religion in India is Hindus. and there are other different religions like the Muslims , Sikhs , Christians and Parsees also .These are all minorities compared to Hindus. All the people of different religion come together to make a community.

My family and I went to a special mosque for prayer .When we went up the steps two mosque volunteers gave us a coconut to keep on each step as we climbed each step to walk up the stairs.We have to take out our shoes before climbing due to respect before we go in the mosque

I had fun learning about my culture. I learned that kids in New York and In India are the same . I learned many thing that I didn’t knew then.It was a great experience. Now I’m looking forward to come back to India and explore more.

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No wait what is this? It’s me and... Firebreath? He is whimpering looking at my dead body... wait am I dead? No I can’t be dead. I must be dreaming... “ What was that dream about?” I asked myself when I woke up. I looked out the window at Firebreath ready to take me to school. I quickly got dressed and jumped out the door.

I landed safely on Firebreath’s back and he blew fire in all directions(that's why he is called Firebreath) and flew full speed to my school. I chuckled softly. The wind felt like a soft pillow and I got sleepy. I immediately was alarmed when I heard the sound of the Sky Police riding to criminal scenes. I watched as they took a criminal to jail but suddenly the criminal threw a ball and smoke poured into my eyes. I couldn't,t see! This was the high tech smoke bombs the people created for battles against the people on Earth. It was an advanced trick the people of Sky Planet used after abandoning Earth. Now only some people still live on Earth and plan to destroy us and take our people hostage in their planet. When the smoke faded there was no criminal to see go to jail. I got really sad. As you can see reader, I get to see these criminal acts every day on my way to school. They are very exciting. This particular one was the only one I watched where a criminal escaped.

I met my friends Joe, Amber, Lote and Trip in the school yard. “ My dad bought me a Pegasus called Strongspeed.” said Trip, “ I bet you can’t buy someone like him.”

“ What did you say? Did you just say I’m poor?” replied Joe in a cool tone.

“ Stop arguing! I just heard a robber escaped the Elite team of Sky Police. But I’d prefer to be in that scene then with you guys arguing so shut your mouths!” said Amber. So much for preferring to have smoke in your eyes. Today is probably going to be a rough day. I thought.

“Ring, Brring, Ring” the school woke up and it became live once again. The same every morning. The kids floated two inches above the ground. They looked like floating wizards looking for an ancient spell. The only real wizard in the school was Wiz. Zozy. He helped the people that got hurt or didn’t feel good. Its kind of like doctors on Earth but wizards in Sky Planet are able to make really cool potions. As I floated with my friends I saw the biggest kid in my school. He was the meanest bully in the school. When I first came to this school, I entered and 3 seconds later there was a hole in the wall and I was not in the school anymore. But now I have some very good friends. When I first met up with Trip, he vowed that he would always protect me as my bodyguard, and I blushed.

As I floated through the hallway the bully approached us and towered over us. I felt like a field mouse compared to the size of this dragon. Right when the bully started to raise his fist Trip was not there. I heard his voice on the other side of the hallway. “ Save me! Save me!” Then Joe’s body was gone. Only his head stuck out of the ground. Lote started to bow down to the bully. Amber looked like someone stole her most precious jewel.

“Leave us alone!” She chanted, the bully had a sarcastic smile, then Amber was down in the ground like Joe. I started to panic! The school started to feel like a jail. All the kids were chanting.

“Fight! Fight!” Was all I heard besides the laughter of the bully. No wait, bullies! I ran as fast as possible. Then everything turned black.

“What is this? A jewel? No its round. an orb!” I woke up and saw myself in my own house. Next to me were my friends. “I'm sorry.” said Trip. I looked in the mirror and saw my face all... black. Then I looked at Joe. He had a scar going right down his face like a red shooting star. I shivered. I wonder what else was install for us.

The next day I saw myself in, wait woods? I looked around. These woods looked exactly like the woods in my dream. I walked around. I suddenly felt hungry. “Boo!” said a voice. My stomach did a somersault. I looked behind me. It was Trip! Behind him was Joe, Amber and Lote.

“ Joe brought us here.” said Lote. Joe nodded his head.

“ I brought you here because... I don’t know.” Joe said.

“Do you know the way back?” asked Trip suddenly looking disappointed.

I looked around and saw on top of a mountain there was a temple. “ Lets go to that temple” I said pointing at the mountain. We ran as fast as possible. I saw a big dragon above me with tons of other pets. “Firebreath!” I yelled. My friends pets came too. We rode are animals too the temple. I saw something. A figure approached us. It attacked! It was the robber with a dragon. Flames spit into are faces. We flew to dodge and got to the temple. When we got there I saw a... orb! I grabbed it. The robber through this... rat? No, a rat that started to grow to the size of Firebreath. It whacked me and everything felt like a blur. I held on to the orb as tight as possible. Then I blacked out.

I woke up and saw my friends sitting down next to me crying. Firebreath was too. I held the orb to the air and said “ Nothing shall get in my way!” The robber who was in the sky flew off afraid of the orbs power. I felt so relieved and I told my friends “ Nothing shall get in my way because I have courage.”

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“When I grow up I want to be famous I want to be a star I want to be in movies!” The song called “When I Grow Up” by the Pussycat Dolls inspires me to dance. When I get older I want to be famous, to be a star and to be in movies. I love to dance so I am writing this because It makes me happy to look back and see that I have been dancing since I was 3! It also makes me feel proud. I used to point to the front to the side and to the back, and now I am doing fancier moves like coupe (french word for pointing your toe on your leg in the front), pique (french word for plie and then kicking.) Another part of the song is “When I grow up, be on TV, people know me, be in magazine's”, I would like to be on TV for my dancing ability, and to be in magazines. I would love to do a photo shoot and have a photo spread of me doing an arabesque. My dance academy is Garden City Dance Studio, they have taught me very well and I would like to thank them! I take classes in tap and ballet. My sisters and I all used to do dance together, but Alannah and Tara have moved on to other sports. Over the years I have had many beautiful dance recital costumes. They had ruffles, tulle, lace, sequins, and a lot of sparkle. They were all so beautiful I couldn’t pick a favorite. This year my costume is pinkish purple with roses and lace. On recital day there is so much excitement and anticipation. We start preparing very early. At home we get in our costumes, get our makeup done, get our hair done, and make sure we look perfect! Then we head out of the house and drive to The Westbury Music Fair. The younger kids usually go first. They look so small on the big, round stage. As I wait patiently for my turn I watch the other dancers perform and enjoy the show. Finally, when it is my turn to dance, I walk onto the stage, blinded by the bright lights, but smiling, confident and ready to show the audience the poise and grace I have learned in dance this year. I am a STAR!



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      Have you ever gotten in trouble for something you haven’t done?  If you have, then it was probably because of a younger sibling, and trust me I know what it feels like! First off you think they look cute, but a few years later they become little devils. Before he came to be, it was all about Ryan (yes, me!). But  things began to change as soon as he came along.

To everyone who is reading this and has a younger sibling, you better watch out, you better not cry cause trouble is coming to you!

   So, what kind of trouble should you expect? Well I’m going to give you a heads up of the most common and annoying tricks of  younger siblings. First off, the most common for me is when out of nowhere he decides to smack me and scratch me like there’s no tomorrow. So what do I do? Smack back of course. But guess what happens? He puts up his little fake act of crying! Now I try to explain the whole story of what really happened to my parents, but these four words come out immediately, “ Go to your room!”

   Another annoying thing that younger siblings do is, that  when they get something special, new, or just something that you don’t have or really want, they torture you and tease you to death. It begins with silly faces , then sticking the tongue out or just the plain “Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah, Nah!”. Boy it annoys me sooo much! My body begins to shake, my face is burning, and turning red,  and my head feels like it is really to explode. Then all of a sudden I loose my temper and I hear a loud whack! Oh no, I did it again. I hear the footsteps and I know that I am in big trouble.  Most of the times I try to show self control, but it doesn’t always work. Do you know what the worst part is? It’s that your parents pretend they don’t even see the teasing!

One last thing ( although there are many more annoying things your siblings will do) is that they morph into different people whenever they please! Let me explain. Sometimes they use their baby act. You hear this soft, sweet, innocent voice. They do this, whenever they want to get something they don’t deserve. Then they sometimes use their big boy act. That’s for stuff like theme park rides or just to get to do things that he is too young to do (like having his own IPAD).

So let this serve as a warning to those of you who are older siblings with younger siblings, you better not cry, you better watch out, cause trouble’s coming to you!

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The Super Bowl is an exciting event.  The best athletes  are playing one another in an interesting  sport.  There is  also  a big show at halftime with music and dancing  for people who  like music.  Even  the  Super Bowl commercials  are funny.  The Super Bowl has something for everyone.When I was 5 years old, I was so glad that the the New York Giants were in the Super Bowl. I was extremely happy when they won the Super Bowl against the New England Patriots by the score of 17-14 . Prior to the game, the Patriots were undefeated and had already beaten the Giants.

Now four years later at the age of 9,  I am going to see those same teams play in another Super Bowl.  I am hoping for a similar outcome this year.

This time the Patriots are slightly favored to win.  But  this  season ,  the Giants have won  many  tough games,  including one against the Patriots.   

In 2008, I was too young  to stay up and watch the whole game.  So my parents  taped it so that I could watch the 2nd half in the morning.  I woke up early and eagerly watched the game which had been recorded. I was very excited to  see who had won and my parents let me watch the end of the game without telling  me  the score.  That morning was so exciting.  I  clearly  remember the  game  and even what I was eating--- a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  It is amazing to me that I remember both the big things and the little things that happened that day.

In 2012, I hope to stay up to see  the end of the game.  I  will go  to bed early on some nights and I may even take a nap before the game, so that I can stay up late. So I hope you watch and enjoy! 


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Once upon a time there lived a beautiful Greek princess her name was Rosabella. She went to England to marry a handsome prince. But when she went to England she realized that there was thousands of different princess.Her name was called.There were tryouts to be princes wife.They checked there height 10 princesses were eliminated because they were to tall and two were to short.Then the checked if they had the right fashion taste.9 of the princesses had been eliminated because they picked the wrong dress. They checked what kind of food taste they had.8  princesses were eliminated. Then they checked how smart they were they had hid a piece of parsley in a bouquet.7 princesses were eliminated because they didn’t find it in their bouquet. The princess that were left had their dancing skills tested. 6 princesses were eliminated. Now there were only two princesses left.They were tested to there carriage riding skills one princess flunked carriage riding.Know there was only one princess was left it was Rosabella.Rosabella and the prince got married and lived happily ever after.

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Little Kid, BIG Problems

I was in the kitchen feeding my pet snake and my bunny. This is a story how I found and got all of my pets. My parents always say, “ You should sell all of these pets!” I guess being 9 is not the age my parents want me to have a pet. Enough about now,let’s get to the story!

I was 5 years old and in my bedroom playing with my pet snake then suddenly....“BANNNGGG” The snake got out of the glass!!! But remember, I was only 5 so I didn’t know that my snake would get out of its’ cage if I let the glass door open. “ Oh,no what was I thinking.” I thought. I ran to dad screaming, “ DADDYYYYY!!! The snake got out of the cage!!!”

My dad was running too. My dad was thinking “ Boy I never ran this fast since I was 7 years old.” I started going the other way, but I was a little more calm. We looked all around the house but we just couldn’t find my snake. So my dad picked up the phone and dialed my mom’s phone number:

9_9-9__9 I never understood why my mom has a lot of 9’s in her phone number, I’m guessing that she loves the number 9.

Mom said, “ I have a feeling that somthin’ is wrong.” My dad sounded pretty nervous. “ Well, umm... , little Grace (me) lost her snake.” I smiled. I knew once my mom heard it she’ll say that I can get a new pet. Believe it or not I heard my mom’s voice say, “ Let her get a pet.” My dad’s nose scrunched up a little.

I was 6 years old and still couldn’t find my snake. My mom,dad,and me all went to the pet store. It took me some time to find a pet that I like. I walked from aisle to aisle. When I was almost finished with the 12th aisle, I stopped in my tracks. There it was, a cute baby bunny. It had a little brown and black mark on each foot. It was half black (incuding the head) and half white (not including the feet.)

When I was 7 years old the on my birthday, my mom and dad brought my pet bunny to my party. It went right out to the open window. The good part was that my pet bunny was really in love with soft grass and suddenly he went to sleep. “ I’m so glad I didn’t lose my bunny on my birthday”, I thought. Everyone rushed up to see my pet. I was really glad I had mostly girls at my party because they had a real good experience with bunnys!

1 month after my birthday I was playing in the dining room with my bunny and the living room window was opened. My mom was in the kitchen and made a clanging noise because she was washing the dishes. ZOOMMM, the bunny got a 3 second head start to the open living room window. I tried to catch him but, wow, the baby bunny was as fast as lightning. Anyway, I tumbled over my dad with a stack full of work papers which went flying all over the room.

When I was 8 years old, I went to get some stuff from the basement and there was my lost snake slithering with me from 2 years ago. I was shocked for a moment. The snake was hiding behind an old cabinet. “Mom you’ll never guess who I found!” My mom came next to me and said, “ Well that’s weird that a snake was living in our basement cabinet.” Another thing that happend is that I found my bunny in a hole. A felt like I was in a fiary land.

Wasn’t that great? I was so happy that I found my pets and that they were healthy. I learned you need to be carefull and act responsibly when you have pets. From then on I took great care of my pets.


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A Pink Girly-Girl

By: Jordan

I am going to tell you about me.  My favorite color is PINK, my favorite store in the whole wide world is JUICY COUTURE, and my favorite celebrity is SELENA GOMEZ.   

My favorite color in the whole wide world is PINK.  You may have heard that PINK is a very Girly color. In my opinion it is, but some other people might not think so.  I have been loving PINK since I was in kindergarten and now I am in fourth grade.  I have been loving PINK for 5 years!  That is a long period time!

My favorite store in the whole wide world is JUICY COUTURE.  I buy almost all my clothes there!  If you go there then you will see that the whole store is all PINK. There are purses, dresses, coats, shoes, perfume, headbands, charms, charm bracelets, necklaces, and bathing suits and much more!

My favorite celebrity is SELENA GOMEZ.  My favorite song from all her albums is Hit the Lights.  I know all the words the song Who Says.  I know that her favorite color is GREEN and that her favorite animal is a tiger.  She usually wears a T-shirt and leggings.  I know a lot about SELENA GOMEZ.  I am her #1  fan.  Those are just some facts I know about her, I actually know a lot more than that.

Those are just a few of my favorite things.  They are descriptions of me, as a pink-loving girly-girl.  They are about my favorite color, my favorite store, and my favorite celebrity.  Those are the things that made me a pink-loving girly-girl.  There are more but these are the main ones.


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One afternoon Star flower went over to the river in the forest to get water for the stew her mother was making. Star flower was a Native American, part of the Seneca tribe. The water that Star flower was getting was to be fed to her sister, Sunshine. Sunshine had a disease called small pox which was very common at the time. Many children lost their parents, and some parents lost their children. Already Star flower’s grandmother had died because of small pox. Star Flower’s hope about curing her sister had now dropped down so low that it almost wasn’t there. Back then there was no cure that anyone had heard of to get rid of small pox.

Each day Star flower would go check on her sister just to make sure she was alright. But everything wasn’t alright. Each day Sunshine’s strength grew weaker and weaker. That night while Sunshine was sleeping, Star flower put a short and slightly heavy stick on Sunshine’s forehead. That's how the Indians used to make the weak stronger. It helped Sunshine the next morning and Star flower kept on doing this each day until Sunshine’s disease had rubbed off of her. Star flower lied down on her bed with a bad case of small pox, and this time it was even more serious. ”Star flower wake up! Please!,“ Sunshine’s voice cracked as tears ran across her face. ”Sister wake up! Just wake up already!!!“ Sunshine screamed. Then Merry Rose (Sunshine and Star flowers mother) came and told Sunshine gently, ”Sunshine, be quiet, your sister is fighting the disease in her body.“ Sunshine obeyed her mother and walked outside.

Sunshine decided to go get water for her sister, so Sunshine went to get a bucket and some water by the river for her sister when she saw a wolf creep slowly toward her. Sunshine looked very closely at the wolf, she was a little scared.She sat down and bowed at the wolf.Bowing to animals was considered great respect because the Indians thought that all animals were spirits.The great wolf looked at Sunshine but didn’t do anything. Then Sunshine stood and walked towards her house with the water for her sister thinking suspiciously about the wolf and how it looked at her.

”Mother, do you know anyone who could cure Star flower?,“ Sunshine asked.

” No Sunshine, and I don’t think anyone knows the cure to this disease. Most people don’t survive this disease but you did. The Great Spirit has saved you! I hope he saves Star flower.“ Merry Rose replied. Star flowers body was very cold and weak. She could barely even breathe. She would never open her eyes or eat anything. She rarely even got out of her bed! Each day Merry Rose went over to Star flower and blew on her face. Sunshine did same. Merry Rose and Sunshine both prayed for Star flower. They did everything to help her but each day her disease grew worse and worse and worse. And the more the disease grew stronger, Sunshine and Merry Rose grew very, very worried.

One day they carried Star flower down to the river in the forest. They were very sad that Star flower would not be able to survive her disease. By this time Merry Rose had caught small pox too.They saw the great wolf there. Sunshine bowed and brought Merry Rose and Star flower by the wolf. Then Sunshine ran away to get some water.

Sunshine came back to the wolf with two buckets of water. One bucket was for her family and the other bucket was for the wolf. This was an offering for the wolf and if the wolf accepted the offer she would help Merry Rose and Star flower. The wolf decided that she should help the family. She walked in circles and sniffed each of them. She started licking their faces until the small pox starting to disappear. It was just a miracle. Sunshine couldn't believe what she saw. Her eyes filled with tears of joy. They were all pleased with what the wolf had done.They bowed to the wolf. Then they all thanked the wolf and went home and from that day on, Sunshine, Star flower and Merry Rose cherished the wolf.

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The Bad Birthday

Ring!!!! I put my hand on my alarm clock. It was my birthday! I threw myself out of bed. Then I slipped on my clothes and headed down stairs. When I got there my family said” Happy Birthday!” Around 12:00 one by one people I know came. My mom’s friends, their daughters, their dad, her nephews(my cousins), her sisters(my aunts), and and her brother(my uncle). That’s when bad and good things happened.

I was hungry I asked my mom to order pizza. She ordered pizza. While we ate ,my cousin Peter and my brother Jun went to watch TV while eating. My mom ordered garlic bread too. So I went to get the tomato sauce. When I did I tripped on the carpet and I dropped the tomato sauce. Splat! It was a HUGE stain on the carpet. I felt embarrassed and nervous. As soon as someone saw it they called my mom. My mom came to me furiously. She had to clean the carpet. After that we had a talk. I never wanted to do it again.

After that I went to the movies. We decided what to watch. We decided to watch zookeeper. In the theater we sat down and waited for the commercials to end. While that time we bought soda, buttery popcorn, and yummy candy. We ate and ate during the movie. My favorite part was when Griffin (the owner of a zoo) acted like a wolf and peed on a tree. I laughed my head off on that part. I wanted to sit somewhere else. So I got my soda and went to the middle path. Then a manager walked down the path. Then crash! The soda was on me and the manager. My mom was furious but apologized to the manager. I apologized but he was just smiling. After that I went to the bathroom to clean up. I had it all over my shirt. Even though the shirt dried, you could of smelled it. My mom got me a small shirt from the car. I couldn't wear it. So I had to wear the coke smelling shirt for the rest of the movie.

In the evening everyone (except parents) had a water gun fight. Certain people went inside to get the water balloon's. When the people came out the others made a crowd around them. When they got the balloon's they would throw it at the walls, ground, and the basement. We even had a water balloon throwing contest but Peter won every contest. Then we started throwing water balloons at each other. Just then Anna hit me with a water balloon in the eye! She said sorry a million times but it felt like it wasn't real. Later I was looking at the window while my moms friend's daughter said “ Ha Ha You can’t get me!” It was so annoying I banged my hand against the window. CRACK! There was a spider looking crack on the window. I got in trouble but my mom was away. I went to the sidewalk and walked. When I got back my dad was home. He got me chips, gum, soda, and a card.He knew that I got in trouble. My mom got home. She was very upset at me.

At the end of the day I got an bow and arrow, a phone, and a car (Toy)! It was a long day. I wished that next year is better. I was happy and sad.


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The Time I went to Great Wolf Lodge


          One of my favorite places to visit is Great Wolf Lodge. Although I have only been there once, I loved it so much that I would go back again and again. There are many reasons why I think Great Wolf Lodge is a great place for kids to visit.


          One reason I love it there is that there are so many different things to do like Magi Quest, a water park, restaurants I like and shopping at the fun stores in the lodge. Magi Quest was great because it was such a fun activity. First you buy a wand at the Magi shop. If you really want to complete your quest in as little time as possible, you should also buy the Book of Wisdom. After you name your Magi, you can set out on your journey. When you start, the first thing you do is go to the tree of life to pick your quest. During your quests, you must get all the weapons before you begin to slay dragons and defeat goblins. The journey includes finding items which help you complete the quest. When you finish a quest you can go back to the tree of life to get another quest.


          The water park is great because it is colossal. I have never seen an indoor water park that big in my life!! There are water slides, the lazy river and the wave pool that made waves every five minutes when the wolf howled. You can even play sports in the water. My favorite part was the water slides! I had never been on one before but as a swimmer it was so much fun to drop to into the water. My cousins and I spent hours of fun at the water park. We did not want to leave and stayed until closing time!


          One of my favorite foods to eat is pizza. I loved going to Pizza Hut every day when I was there. Usually I am not allowed to have pizza everyday but since it was a vacation my mom allowed it. I can’t wait to go back!


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All about Football

Football is a sport with a couple of other sports in it. Those sports are hockey be cause of the violence and rugby witch is almost the same sport as rugby but with a different colored and shaped ball. Soccer is barley anything like football in soccer you are not allowed to use your hands but in foot ball you are use your hands all the time except from when you kick field goals punt it or kick the ball off. In Italy they call football soccer.

How to play offense

on offense there are usually 9-10 players on the field. Five of those people are blockers, the blockers job is to block the quarterback so he could have enough time to either hand the ball off or throw to one of his recievers. The runingbacks job is to listen where the coach tells him to go or if the blocker does not make a hole for the running back to run in he has to run where ever he can. the quarterback’s job on offense is to find receivers that are open and throw it to them and give the hand-off to the running-back cleanly without fumbling, fumbling means to drop the ball that is pretty much all that fumbling is. And last but not least is the wide receivers and tight end’s.Wide receivers and tight end’s both block but when they are not blocking they are trying to beat their defenders and try to make a catch and score a touchdown.


On the defense their is also 11 men on the field.The positions are conerbacks, line backers safety, strong safety, and the defensive line. The conerbacks job is to guard the wide receivers And try to intercept the ball intercept means for the defense to catch the ball instead of the offense to catch the ball.the safety and strong safety’s job is to make sure nobody gets past and scores a touchdown. The whole defensive line’s job is to tackle the quarterback or make a tackle before he pases the first down line. so pretty much the defense’s job is to tackle the offense before they either score a touchdown or get a touchdown.


Their are many penalties and rules in football.The penalties are holding,clipping,pass- inter- ference,off-side,

faul start,to many players on the field, and illegal formation. Holding is an offensive penalty that happens when a guarder holds the Jersey of the defender that is trying to tackle the quarterback. Clipping is a penalty when you are trying to block someone on a kickoff or on a punt and the guy you have to block gets in front of you and you push them in the back. Pass-inter- ference is a penalty that happens when the corner back pushes and shoves the wide reciver so he can not catch the ball. Off side is when you go past the line of scrimmage, the line of scrimmage is where the ball is placed before the play is started off side is when the defense passes the line of scrimmage, and faul start is when the offense goes pass the line of a scrimmage.

Football is an interesting sport with a couple of sports combined in it. Football is a very cool sport, it is my favorite sport. My favorite team is the New York Jets I Hate the New England patriots.Even though the jets did not make the super bowl I am glad the giants made it.

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 If you want to know all about hockey you first have to know about the penalties. Penalties are when you do a bad play and you have to sit somewhere for a amount of time depending on the bad play.

The first penalty you have to know is tripping. Tripping is when you use the legs of the stick around the other person and make that other person fall. also when you trip someone when they on on a breakaway they get a penalty shot. A penalty shot is when you start from the middle and skate and shot at the goalie with no one in your way. A breakaway is when you skate with the puck and nobody is in front of you.

 Another penalty to know is a check. A check is when you use the body on the other player and crush him to the boards. However there is and exception. If you check the other player and also touching the puck you will not a penalty.

The next penalty is called a cross-checking. Checking and cross-checking are very different things When you cross-check you hold 2 hands on the stick and use the stick to hit the player.

All of those penalties would be a minute and a half but the next penalty is so bad it is a 5 minute penalty. It is called fighting. When you fight on the ice it is very similar to regular fighting except you don’t go to the penalty box. How ever the difference between regular fighting and ice hockey fighting is that ice hockey fighting is on the ice and also when you punch you punch you have gloves and a helmet to protect you.

Know that you know about the penalties in ice hockey maybe know you can understand the game better.

                THE END

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All About Basketball

    Basketball is the best sport ever. If you know the basics its really fun. Everybody should play basketball.


Dribbling/Stealing and Picking

Dribbling is when you hit, the basketball in the middle of your palm and the ball bounces back. If somehow you stop dribbling you either have to pass or shoot but you can’t move anymore. You are not allowed to dribble with two hands. If the ball is passed to you don’t have to dribble right away. Stealing and picking are to different things when you pick you knock the ball out of the opponents hand when you steal your are the one that actually takes the ball.You can steal and pick but it is very hard because when you knock the ball out of their hands you



A pass is when you throw the ball to your teammates.There are two main kinds of passes bounce pass,which is were you bounce the ball on the floor to get the ball to your teammate. the other is a chess pass were you hold the ball chest height and pass it to your teammates. Interception is when you block a pass,that was in the air.


A shoot is how you score points. The main way  to shoot is called a jump shot were you jump and shoot. A shot counts as two point’s unless, you shoot behind the three point line.  Blocking is were you put your hand up to make the ball reverse on the opponent. blocking doesn’t always work. You have to realize when your opponent isn’t shooting.


The court is the place were the basketball players play.Every team has their own court.  The court has a foul line half court line and three point line. The foul line is were you shoot if somebody fouled you. The Half court line shows the middle of the court, and shows the teams symbol. The three point line is if you shoot behind it you got to shoot to win.      

These are the basics to basketball. What are you waiting for stop reading and go play!            






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Snakes By Siva

Snakes are very strong creatures. Most snakes like the king cobra live in big forests while other snakes live under rocks, rivers, grasslands, caves and deep holes. One of the snakes that live in holes are Desert snakes. A snake can swallow animals whole. Isn’t that cool? A snake can eat insects,crayfish,fish dead birds and many more. Other animals eat snakes such as hawks, owls,honey badger,baboon and a lot more. Sadly the biggest predater of snakes are humans. No living thing has killed snakes more times than humans. Now only rattle snakes live in North America. If we kill all the rattle snakes that will be a huge problem. If that happens then that would mean every were you look there will be insects. This is why we cant hunt snakes.

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