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   We started hopes and dreams at the beginning of the school year. The hopes and dreams were there to make us better at things were we are not good at. The New year has begun and  is time to see how we are doing and how we can be better. Now we can  look back at our old gaols and see how we were doing then and compare how we are doing now. The goals I had  at the beginning of the school year were to go to school on time more often, become a better reader and to have better self control.


   My first original goal was to go to school on time more often which has been achieved,it took hard work to do it . To achieve that goal I said in my first hopes and dreams essay, that I would go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. But after a couple of days of  trying I saw that it wasn’t working.Then my mom told me that  I need to eat  earlier. So after that conversation I started to do that. Turns out she was right!! I was waking up every day with no problem what so ever. That's when I knew that this goal was going to be achieved.


  My second original goal was to become a better reader which I’m still working on. But I am trying.To prove that I will tell you that during Christmas break my mom gave me  a book about the time wen the New York Rangers won the Stanley Cup in 1994,although I am only interested in fiction books I decided to give it a try, and I can really say I enjoy it!!! It was a bit difficult to read some of the names of the players because back then the Rangers had some players from Russia,some from Finland and those names were hard to read for me, but I had my mom telling me how to pronounce it (my parents were there at Madison square Garden the night they won the cup). Know Ii know that if you want to line reading even more you have to do two things. 1 is to always pick at book that you like and 2 is to make sure that it is just right for you.

   My third original goal was to have better self control and I can happily said I achieved it!! I must say that it was hard to pass because when something good happens always get over excited.  But I learned that I should be happy but not too happy. Another thing that was that I sometimes played in my desk by writing stuff on my post-its. But I learned that If you listened to the teacher you will always do good. So that was what I did to achieve that goal.

  My new goal that I am going to achieved is that I will never forget my stuff at school. To achieve that goal I am going to look in my bag every time I am at car-pool to see that I  have everything in my bag so when I do forget something I can just go back instead of having do drive back.

  Now with new goals,new ways to achieve those goal I think that every goal will be achieved in no time because i will work hard to achieved those GOALS=http://=http://!

                !THE END!

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