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by AnshulDD teacher: Denton Dynamos
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Title: Bud, Not Buddy (02/29/12)
Description: Today, we finished reading Bud, Not Buddy by Christopher Paul Curtis. This historic fiction novel brought us into the 1930s world of Bud Caldwell. There were many themes in this book but the main one was search for family. Think of the different characters in the book and their thoughts and actions toward family: Bud, Bud’s mother, Herman Calloway, Lefty Lewis, and Miss Thomas. How do they each feel about family? How do you know? How do Bud's feelings about family lead him to Herman Calloway and the band?

Create a graphic organizer to help you sort your ideas. Make a box for each character and put examples in the box of times they talked about family. Add character traits that pushed them toward their beliefs and ideas of family. Then focus specifically on Bud. Write about Bud and his search for family. Be sure to cover all of the following:

What does Bud remember about his mother? What do you think these memories have to do with his ideas about family?

Why does Bud leave the foster homes?

Why does Bud keep his suitcase? What is in the suitcase and how does it relate to his search for family?

Does Bud ultimately find family? If so, how and who is part of his family?

Also, don't forget to stay organized with paragraphs, edit carefully for spelling, capitalization, and punctuation, and use high level language and voice to keep your piece interesting.

This blog is due on Tuesday, March 13th. The early submission is due on Thursday, March 8th.

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