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What I Do On Saturday Morning

By: Adam


On Saturday morning I got out of bed and I went downstairs. I was careful that my mom or dad did not see or hear me because I wasn’t aloud to get out of bed until 7:00. When I got to the den I turned on the TV and I saw a show on it was Pokémon ranger guardian signs then I started to watch. One day there was A Pokémon ranger named Ben. He was trying to save the legendary Pokémon latios because there was an evil team named the Pokémon pinchers. They were people who tried to steal other wild Pokémon. He was charging right down at the Pokémon pinchers they were already trying to catch latios when they noticed Ben they went in the opposite direction. They were in the air and there was something that Ben was riding a staraptor it is a bird Pokémon that can fly. Then Ben landed on this island then staraptor went back to its home. Then he saw a pichu with a ukulele on it quickly Ben got his styler out and started to catch the pichu it was agitated so he didn’t get full bond with it. A styler is something that gets bond with Pokémon. Then the pichu understood that Ben was good because pichu thought that Ben was a Pokémon pincher. Then pichu communicated with Ben and told him that the Pokémon pinchers were on the island then pichu pointed to a cave. Ben went inside and he saw one of the leaders Red. They were trying to take the slate of Raikou so they can get Entei and Suicune because the Pokémon pinchers wanted those legendary Pokémon. quickly Ben took action Red saw him and his cranidos attacked it was a good thing that it was not agitated again he got his styler and did what he did he freed the cranidos but then taking the slate was complete then the Pokémon pinchers fled Ben was too late. Then he realized that Raikou was there then he ran as fast as he could and he got out of the cave. When he got out they were not seen in the air at all. Then my mom called me to brush my teeth and shower, so we can go to my grandpa's house. When I got to my grandpa's house my cousins were there they were playing capture the flag I said (hey can I play) one of them said (yes). After capture the flag we had to eat but I didn’t want to because I was having so much fun, we ate macaroni. When we were done eating I didn’t want to go so my mom made a deal with me that I can stay at my cousins house for 0:30 I was really happy with that. After the 0:30 we had to leave I was really sad that I had to leave so I said (bye!) and until next Saturday I can’t wait.  



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