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by Kelly S teacher: Melanie Transue
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A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

A Visual Representation of Me

My name is Kelly, and I had to decorate my binder for English. For this visual representation, I had to have four pictures and a quote. My first picture was of an acoustic guitar in a jar, with the caption “Sound captured,” to represent my personality. I chose this picture because I play guitar; music is the most important thing to me. My second picture, representing something I like, was of an album cover from the band Jack’s Mannequin. I like this band and listen to them often. For my third picture, I used one of Sam I Am holding a plate of green eggs and ham, from the book Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss. This was a positive memory of my life as a reader, because my mother read this book to me many times, among others by Dr. Seuss. For the fourth picture, which could be anything and represent anything, was a close-up of a green leaf. I chose it because there is much beauty in nature which must be preserved, and trees are very important. For the last thing, my quote, I chose song lyrics from the song "Dashboard" by the band Modest Mouse; "The dashboard melted but we still have the radio." I chose this quote because, first off, I love that song and the band. Also because I think it's a good sentence to live by, for it states that despite any misfortune that may befall you, there will still be something to live for and be happy about. In a more literal sense, it also states that when all else fails, music will always be there, for there is a song for almost every feeling you could ever feel if you can find the right song. That is my binder, thank you for reading this.

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