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by Shania M teacher: Melanie Transue
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Advice; take it or leave it.
Dear Freshy,
There's not too much to really tell you that you don't already know. One of the main things that is absolutely necessary is to keep your grades up. Never let any of your grades drop too far because it can be very difficult to get them back up. Another big one is to always do your blogs and do them on time. I know they won't seem like much at first but they can actually bring your grade down a lot. I guess what I'm really trying to get at is stay on top of things, and do NOT procrastinate.
Now that I'm done ranting about grades I'll get onto other things. I know that people say ninth grade isn't that bad but to be honest, they're lying. Ninth grade is definitely not a good year. First off, all of the older kids hate your guts no matter who you are. Second, teachers aren't always reminding you to do things that you didn't hand in. If you didn't hand something in on time then I guess that's just too bad. This is the grade where you finally have to take charge and get your act together. I do apologize that this probably isn't what you wanted to hear but oh well.
Sincerely, Shania

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