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by Julie K teacher: Melanie Transue

February Freewrite:

Tragedies happen. People make mistakes. Accidents occur. On February 8th, the worst thing a daughter could think of happened to me. It was fourth period in the wacky Wednesday schedule; call comes through, I’m going home. I walk downstairs to find my dad. I asked him why he was there, then the gut renching news he told me I wasn’t prepared for. My step dad had been in an accident, and he knew nothing. The only thing he knew was that he was on his way to CMC in critical condition.

As I got there the accident had already been shown on the news, knowing no details to what had happened. I got to the hospital around 11:30 and hardly knew anything. I walk into a waiting room full of family, looking for answers and they had none to give me. I sat there waiting until finally at 2:57 I got to go in and see him. I expected him to look broken, but he didn’t. He looked like himself, only in pain. I expected to see him look completely different, unrecognizable, but he didn’t. As I walked into the room where he was, the most relieving feeling came over me. I finally knew for myself that he’d be okay. That day changed our lives forever.  

All of the different stories everyone's saying, all of what they think happened that day; here’s the truth to the accident and what happened. The man who hit my dad, wearing a seatbelt, with his three year old daughter right in the truck beside him, no car seat, no seatbelt, nothing. He was going too fast for the road and wasn’t paying attention period. He was in the middle of the road when the accident happened. My step dad slammed on the brakes, swerved to the right towards the bank, and still the other man managed to hit my step dad.

Instantly the man and his daughter were killed. There was a man following my step dad and he seen everything. They man a few days later called my step dad, and told him everything he seen. He said that he thought he was more in shock then my step dad was. He didn’t expect to see him get out of the truck, but he did. He went to get out of the passenger side and there was a five foot drop down, which he didn’t know about. He then rolled under the truck, then the man that was following my step dad ran towards him and helped him up. He stumbled up the bank to the other truck, but the man told him that he wasn’t allowing him to go to the other vehicle, that he didn’t find the man to be alive because the other truck was so bad. He was right, but come to find out was then when he noticed the little girl by him. They were instantly killed on impact.

My step dad called my mom when he was up on the road; she didn’t recognize his voice. He then told her what had happened, and she didn’t realize that he was the one in the accident. She then asked if he was okay thinking he was only the first one coming upon the accident. When he answered I don’t believe so, it finally clicked that it was him that had been in the accident, especially when he said the other man was dead. Not knowing how to react she just went to find out if everything. While she was on her way there, the man that had helped my step dad up the bank and seen everything went to go get help and call for the ambulance.

Two van-full of paramedics came to the scene of the accident, one van-full were working on my step dad and the other were trying to bring the other man and daughter back to life. They were unsuccessful. My mom got there to see him in the ambulance full of paramedics. Then she heard that there were two dead and that my step dad was in critical condition, and then heard that the life flight was coming. Luckily, the paramedics called off the life flight and took him to CMC on their own. The only good sign of that being that it wasn’t life threatening.

I finally found out all of this after I got there. It felt like it took a life time to find out about anything that had happened.


*That was only the beginning to a never ending story.


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