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by Alicia H teacher: Melanie Transue
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Dear Kiddos,
Congratulations ladies and gentleman you have made it through the easiest years of your life, and it’s all downhill from here. Classes get harder and teachers get stricter. Say goodbye to being able to turn in late work for full credit, getting told when things are due, and having your teacher show you how to do everything. This is the big time people; your grades count from here on out for college so I suggest don’t mess it up. Flat out these teachers are going to get under your skin, annoy you, and make you want to freak out, but they are trying to help you in the end believe it or not.
The advice I’d give to you is get over yourself, and do you work, because if you don’t you’re just going to have to go through it all again. Also, the teachers are nice and fun if you’re on their good side so I suggest you stay there. Another thing, if you looking for an easy nice way to get through this year I’d give up. You have to do work, and you have to sometimes take it home. I know what a horrid life you’ll be living. Though one thing that’s nice is not taking PSSA’s so that makes up for all the crap. In conclusion, have fun and good luck!
Sincerely, Alicia Hunter

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