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March Freewrite
In the wonderful month of March so much goes on around us, but the best part is the warm weather. The weather is beautiful, and it feels like summer is on its way. The sun is shining, leaves are growing, and the grass is turning green. Everything about this warm weather is fantastic.
Warm weather means a lot of things get to be put away! No more hats and gloves or bundling up to go outside. This warm weather means shorts and tanning! In my opinion I feel that sweating is so much better than shivering, and that is why this weather is great! Along with tanning we get to go outside and be active. We also get to go for walks, swim, and just be outside in general without freezing; which is AMAZING!
Along with this beautiful weather it means soon school will be out, and you will go on vacations. Though it is a blast everyone will also miss the friends you wont see over the summer break. We’ll all say farewell and when we come back we’ll all be tan and have crazy stories to tell one another.
March means that warmth is coming our way and we will soon have no work, no worries, and no problems. All we’ll have is the sunshine on our shoulders, and that makes me happy.

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